Health Administration - Essay Example

Why do I want a career in health administration? A competent healthcare administrator is key to the success of a medical Institution. To be one of those competent one, sound background of health administration Is Important. I want to pursue my carrier as an accomplished Health Care Manger and contribute my knowledge to the health care agencies by acquiring and disseminating knowledge. Graduate studies are another step In the academic ladder that further polishes our knowledge and understanding of topics.

As an undergraduate student of microbiology at University of Texas at Arlington, I was exposed to wide range of spineless in microbiology. My undergraduate degree has been instrumental in providing me an in depth knowledge. However, I can feel that my knowledge is still limited and inadequate in this modern world. So, I want to pursue and specialize my knowledge by studying Master in Health Care Administration. Healthcare administrators play big role in patient care and satisfaction.

Medicine has become high tech, so has medical institution. To run a modern medical facility, it needs an administrator who has received current training and knowledge about health care administration. This field pays good salary but also demands loyalty, honesty and Integrity from an Individual. The cost of not possessing latter three characteristics Is very high. The courses offered in health care administration degree helps to Install those attributes in an individual and prepare them for the future.

Health Care Administrators face various challenges and have to make decisions to ensure excellent care and smooth running of the organization. As an individual, I love to tackle problems and solve them. A career in health care administration provides me the base to accomplish that goal. I have all those characteristics as mentioned above as an individual and I will be able to polish my administrative skills by taking health care administration course. The roles of health care administrators are equally important as those of doctors and nurses.

Incompetent medical personnel can ruin one life but an Incompetent medical administrator can ruin the whole organization and many lives associated with. This career provides both financial security and growth as an administrator. It teaches you the Importance of both business and humane part of medical world, since you are responsible for it. All these attributes of Health Care Administration encouraged me to pursue a career in this field. Conduct a personal moral integrity cost/benefit analysis.

Decision: Persuading higher education in united States Moral costs for making the decision I Benefit for making the decision I Moral costs for not making the decision I Benefits for not making the decision I Hope for better future I Golden opportunity Of studying abroad I Dreams and desire are unfulfilled I Save cost on persuading education I Experience independence and individuality I Gain self confidence I Regret for missing the opportunity I Live gather with family I Personal values and belief have changed I Learned new things In life I Unaware of the real world I Less struggle I Define your moral bottom line? Hat hurts my dignity and self-respect. I would not like to be a part of such organization where people don’t have respect for their employee. I cannot tolerate workplace bullying and sexual harassment. Sometimes the action might be taken against popular employer or your boss. If my views and opinion is not respected without having a valid reason, then I would not like to be a part of that organization. Discrimination is prevalent everywhere. Not only at workplace but discrimination can be seen at home. My grandmother is very religious and conservative person.

She carries old values. She did not allow my friend to enter the kitchen because she was from different religion. Even though I was very young, but I understood that it was not right. I fought with her until my mother came in and took me away. From this incident I understood that when it comes to discrimination I have zero tolerance policy. Engage in directed activities to build and maintain your moral integrity. Doing the right thing at right time is one of the major responsibilities of a person. Moral integrity is the core value that makes you different others.

The most challenging part is to do right thing without anybody getting hurt. In this situation, I believe in Mills theory of greatest good for greatest people. According to Hedgehog concept, “it is not a goal to be the best, a strategy to be the best, an intention to be the best, a plan to be a best”. Hence, we should not only focus on our goal but also focus on how we achieve that goal. I want to peruse my carrier as health care administrator. As an administrator of medical institution, it is extremely important to show leadership that s consistent and rational. It helps to take right decision during crisis.

Leaders need to have tone of calmness and patience while listening to the coworkers and patient’s complains and effectively communicate about the problem. Sometimes, it is important to be non-competitive rather than competitive. When it comes to achieves greater goods for the community, administrator should put aside competitive goal and do what is best for the community. In certain situation, conflicts may arise between our own personal value and organization’s value. In that condition, one should be able to do what is best for the community. Identify a moral mentor. My dad is my mentor for me.

He taught me the value of having good character in life. No matter how hard is the goal, we should never give up. As a child, I was very poor in math. My teachers did not have faith on me that I could pass the test. My father was only the people who believe that I can ace the test. He used to say that “try your best and rest live it up to god”. His believe made me confident and I never lose by hope. In this way, he also established my faith towards god. Life is not always about being successful and rich. My father got a Job offer from United Kingdom. He was offered a high post Job and salary.

But, he decided to be with family and remain happy. From this incident I learned that, a person should do what makes him happy. Being happy is most important thing if life. My father shared his own experience to better understand how I should make decision in life and how to react and respond in a difficult situation. The knowledge I received from him not only made my personal life better but I hope this would also help in build up my professional life. Examine your life experience and find their moral lesson. Reading books make us knowledgeable and qualified. But our life teaches us more Han any books and universities.

Completing higher education in United States was a own. I graduated last year after all the efforts and hard work had paid off. But at the same time while achieving higher education I had missed several moments with my family and friends back home. I could not attend my brother’s wedding. I could not meet my grandfather while he was hospitalized. I could not be there with him when he needed me the most. I missed my baby sister’s birth and haven’t seen her yet. I could be present in these moment if I wanted to but I was too concern about my carrier. These precious moments will never come back.

What I have realized is that we should try to manage time from our busy schedule and try to live in the moment which will actually make our life beautiful. Design a preventive plan to avoid moral derailment. Good is the enemy of great (GOOD TO GREAT). It is very obvious to get derailed when we reach the certain position of the organization. It is human nature that people always want to achieve more than what they have. We can only be successful on long term if we find ways to avoid it. No one is born as rich or poor, successful or unsuccessful. It depends on individual how we track our life.

Hence, the most important thing is that we should never forget our route where we came from and where we belong to. We should always remember the struggling phase and problem that we face to reach the current stage. While dealing with employees, we should consider that even you have been through the same situation. This will develop a sense of respect towards employee. Whenever I feel that something is not right, I discuss with my close friends, dad or someone whom I could rely on like a mentor. I took suggestions whether my decision is right or wrong. Sometimes I go with the majority decision but sometime I Just listen to my heart.

Once I took the decision, I never regret on it even if it is a mistake I try to learn from it and try to find good part of it. Have a rich and varied spiritual life Traditionally, spirituality is considered as integral aspect of religion. For me, being spiritual and being religious is two different things. Religious people solely believed that god is responsible for everything. I believe I am responsible for my own destruction or construction. I believe that to achieve anything in life you must make an effort from yourself. God help those who help themselves. Spirituality does not have to necessarily be associated with God.

People Join meditation, yoga, prayer or spend hours in church for spiritual growth. I have done meditation and yoga but it didn’t help me to improve my spiritual growth. Therefore, I find my own way of being spiritual. I generally like to stay alone and listen to music when I am tensed. Helping people in need makes me feel grow spiritually. Anger is your biggest enemy. To avoid anger I get involved in any work so that I could be distracted. Sometimes I chat with friend who could console me whenever I feel stressed. It is not necessary to follow traditional way of spirituality. You can do anything to that gives you relaxation of DOD and mind.

Engage in PIG Life is the most precious gift of god. We have one life and try to live it up to fullest. Nowadays people are so busy in achieving bigger goals like building up their career and earning money that they forget to do small thing like hanging out with friends, playing hide and seek with their kids which actually make them happy. I remember when I celebrate my success with my friends and family, that part was the best. I was happier while celebrating my success with friends and family rather than receiving my first pay check. I realized that success doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have nobody to share it.

People are so focused on future that they forget to live in present. Hence, we should take out time for our self from our own schedule to make your life better. It is very important to balance your personal and professional life. Imbalance in any one aspect can affect another. You can do anything that makes you feel good. It doesn’t have to be an expensive vacation. Small things like cooking dancing, music, and movie, reading, dinner with family or friends that makes you emotionally healthy. Work to create a climate of moral integrity Everyone has moral integrity. Applying the moral integrity in real life is difficult.

No matter wherever we go, it is very important for us to understand our surrounding and kind of people we will be working with or living with. Once you understand your surrounding we need to accept the changes and try to adapt the new environment. When I came to United States for the first time, I had trouble in understanding new culture and lifestyle. I have to share apartment with people who came from different background. The only way to know them is by communicating and understanding their lifestyle. After knowing the difference, it became easy for me to talk to them and lowly try to adapt the whole new scenario.

Spending few years in United States, I realized that the values an belief that I had when I was in back home didn’t actually fit here. For example, back home I used to live in a Joined family and believe that being together with family is most important thing. Here in U. S I was all by my own and I learned to have individualistic thinking. Sometimes it is important change your thinking according to situation and keep pace with changing world. Following the Hedgehog concept, we must simplify a complex world into single organizing idea, reduces all challenges and dilemmas to simple.