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Local regional administration - Essay Example

The highest level of Lug’s. Seeing to it that the provincial physical and development planning considers the comparative advantage of Its component municipalities and cities so that a more balanced distribution of development effort, resources and benefits can be achieved.

Complex matter, maybe component city or highly urbanize city to provide the essential services regularly needed by the residents in 3. Municipalities Political corporate body endowed with the facilities of a municipal corporation, exercised by and through the municipal government is conformity with Law. 4. Barraging The smallest level but independent body of LUG. 2. Local government organizational structures and personnel: Powers of Offices/ Department LUGS Appointive personnel Elected Mandatory Optional 1 .

Basic services and facilities 2. Power to generate and apply resources 4. Reclassification of lands 5. Closure and opening of roads 6. Corporate powers 7. Authority to negotiate and secure grants Office of the President Department of Finance Department of Budget and Management Commission on Audit Department of Local and Regional Government Office of the Chief Executive Office of the Treasurer Office of the Assessor Budget Office Office of the Accountant Office of the Development Coordinator The Sanguine 1.

Province Treasurer Assessor Accountant Engineer Budget Officer Planning and Development Coordinator Legal Officer Administrator Health Officer Social Welfare and Development Officer General Service Officer Agriculturist Veterinarian Population Officer Environment and Natural Resources Manager Cooperative Officer Architect Information Officer Provincial Vice- Governor Sanguinary Penalizing 2. City Secretary to the Sanguinary Pantaloons Budgeting Officer Planning and Development Civil Registrar City Officer City Vice- Mayor Sanguinary Poundings 3.

Municipality Secretary to the Sanguinary Banyan Or Legal Officer Municipal Mayor Sanguine Banyan 4. Barraging Secretary Loping Taxpaying Commute Brigade Barraging Captain Barraging Council 3. Participation of People in Local Governance VENUE Process(Explain how people participate) 1 . Local Prettification , Bids and Awards Committee The people’s organization and nongovernmental organization can enter into to take art in bidding of awarding public projects to private contractors. 2.

Local Development Council The participatory venues that the people’s Organization and the non- government organization can enter into to take part in policy development and implementation. 3. Peace and Order Council Hereby reorganized on the national, regional, provincial, city and municipal levels of government.