Occupational safety and health - Essay Example

In addition, this paper discusses the SHOP which are safety, culture, employee involvement, employee attitude, leadership style, safety and health training and last the effective communication. Not only that but to examine Its Impact on SHAME which are safety and financial performance in the automotive industry. However, this paper explores prior literatures and findings that were found by other researchers in the Malaysian automotive Industry regarding these Issues. Introduction Actually, the history of automotive industry in Malaysia has started at the early age of the second half of the 20th century.

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Several factors had played a main role in the reason behind this Industry rise or In fact birth. The mall reason was to strengthen this industry and decrease dependency on the agriculture sector. Not to say that agriculture is not profitable or important, but this industry will pull up the whole economic together . The reason why? Is because it is connected to many sectors in the economic, even agriculture. Second, to limit the Import of such product that cost the country a great amount of hard currency every year. Moreover, creation of employment’s opportunities at all fields, for example in production line and managerial department.

The development of industrial sector as well. This industry has created a great number of small and medium enterprises that supplies this Industry with components to the car manufactures in Malaysia. In fact every Industry that is located in Malaysia must involve in safety practices in order to reduce injuries in the manufacturing firm. This thing will allow the management to avoid any sue case that might be made by the employee against their employers. The act that Implemented in Malaysia for safety practices was named Occupational Safety and

Health Administration Act 1994 (OSHA Act 1994), (NOISE Malaysia, 2008). Based on 1 OFF factors of OSHA practices to be apply in organization. Objectives The purpose of this paper; A. To identify the OSHA practices and OSHA performances measures for Malaysian Automotive industry . B. To develop a research model of OSHA practices and OSHA performances measures for Malaysian Automotive industry. Six major of OSHA practices are considered here which are (a) Safety Culture [SC], (b) Employee Attitude [AT], (c) Employee Involvement (d) Leadership Style [LED], Safety and Health

Training [TRY] and also (f) Effective Communication [CE]. This practices drive to improve the OSHA performances which are (a) Safety Performances [SP] and (b) Financial Performances [UP]. Discussion A. Occupational safety and health Practices (SHOP) This section introduces SHOP elements that contribute to SHAME. There are six elements of which are SC, AT, E’, LED, TRY and CE. It can be said that Occupational safety plays a main role in the social responsibility. Definition of safety is freedom from injury and danger, quality or insuring against hurt, danger of risk. The direct

English translation shows the same negative ideas, “exemption from hurt or injury mean freedom from harm and others”. Hence, the importance or target of safety is to reduce the accidents among employee at the workplace (Hussein, 2009). According to Terry E. Newsmen (2003), insecure work behavior is referring to the result of (1) physical environment, (2) the social environment and (3) workers’ experience within these. Meanwhile, the safety triangle shows relationships between the insecure work situation and injuries that influence safety condition in automotive industry.

Safety not only focus on the bottom line workers but it also influence the top management, manager and staff to become more responsibility and accountability in their efforts to provide the safe environment. 1) Safety Culture: The shared and learned meaning, experiences and interpretation of work and safety, expressed partially symbolically and also with guide peoples [13] 2) Employee Attitude: A complex combination of things that we tend to called it’s as a personality, beliefs, values, behaviors, and motivations and a mind-set to act in a particular way due to both an individual’s experience and behavior. ] 3) Employee Involvement: Are a Various processes that are designed to engage support, understanding and optimum contribution of all employees in organization and commitment to the objectives. [3] 4) Leadership Style: More than a micro-organizational phenomenon and it exceed direct relationships between leaders and subordinates. It can occur in indirect as well as direct forms. [5] 5) Safety and Health Training: Is a One piece of the solution to perform safe work practices and act as a tool to motivate the employees to change their behavior. [10] 6) Employee Involvement:

Are various processes that are designed to engage support, understanding and B. Occupational Safety and Health Performances (SHAME): According to Kidder et al (201 1), safety at work is a difficult and complex phenomenon, plus the issue of safety performance in all industries is hard and challenging to be accomplished. It requires a lot of rules and policies to be applied. Also, it can be said that safety performance is sophisticated and sensitive concern of the organization to deal with, as it deals with the lives of people and resources, and who involved that particular event or project toward achieving success.

The second reason for implementing the effective management of health and safety is about the financial costs of a crash. [2] Safety performance has been defined as overall performance of the organization safety management system in safe operation (We, 2001). Their study highlight that domestic and foreign shows that safety and health performance is more related to the safety climate of organizational behavior which can improve the safety and health performance if it’s combined with the scientific approach.

Based on the findings which were reviled in this study it can be said that there are arioso benefits of occupational safety and health practices which are mainly divided into direct and indirect benefits. Direct benefits from these practices include decrement in insurance premium, litigation cost, and sick pays cost and production and materials damage. It also includes increment in production or productivity rate as well as reduction in accidents production delays.

On the other hand, indirect benefits include decrement in absenteeism and staff turnover. While there is an increment in corporate image, chance in winning contracts and Job satisfaction or morale. This paper review strongly agrees that OSHA practices have a very positive link or relationship with the occupational safety and health performances. Several papers found that OSHA practices affect the safety performance only but this paper shows that it is to possible effect both of safety and financial performances.

Based on previous reviews, more researchers state that OSHA performances will increase with implementation of OSHA practices. Meaning that imposing or implementing OSHA practices in Malaysian automotive company to increase performances especially in OSHA performances. Findings of the organizational performance measures according o different authors: Safety Performances It can be said that all findings have found a positive influence or relationship between safety management practices and safety performances. 8] as well as the relationship with the leadership style, management practices and workplace safety performance. [6] Moreover, managerial practices have the similar view between safety performance and work place injuries as a significant linear relationship between the managerial practices and work place injuries. [12, 1] Financial Performances Human Resource Management practices help organizations to improve their equines performance. 7], a positive influence between safety management management practices earn positive return and advantages on their health and safety investment. [2] Referring to the literature review, in order to understand the relationship between SSH practices (a) Safety Culture [SC], (b) Employee Attitude [AT], (c) Employee Involvement (d) Leadership Style [LED], Safety and Health Training [SST] and also (f) Effective communication [CE]. (SC, AT, a, LED, CE and SST) and SSH performances which are safety and financial (SP and UP), the below hypotheses were develop to be tested.

These hypotheses will be tested based on numbering system HI . This style of hypotheses statement is chosen due to the nature of answering hypotheses using structural equation modeling (SEEM) methods. HI: There is a positive and direct significant relationship between SSH practices and SSH Performance in Malaysian Automotive Industry. Proposed Research Model Based on the literature review in section 2, there are many researchers explored about OSHA Practices and OSHA performances.

The research aims at investigate the structural relationship between OSHA practices and OSHA performance in Malaysian automotive industry. Figure 1 presented a structural OSHA practices and OSHA performances model. Figure A proposed Research Model Conclusions and Recommendations As a conclusion, it can be said that occupational safety and health practices (SHOP) has become extremely important in the manufacturing industry not talking only about automotive industry. That is due to its positive effects on both employees and employers.