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Advance of technology - Essay Example

The Advance of Technology In Product and Service Due to humans satisfaction, technology never stop Innovating; there Is a big difference between the advances of the technology of 10 years ago and nowadays. We have not been only used to function the advance of technology but also realize on it because technology gives us better products and service. We are always looking forward to improve and update technology to changes the product and service in advance in order to satisfy consumers acquired.

First of all, technology improves the quality of product potentially in multiple ways. Cell phone came out was a big revolution of humans technology, and we could not imagine a cell phone can be as a primary and significant thing as today. Cell phone is no longer only a regular phone for communicating but also an MPH, a camera, a game player… Moreover, technology protects our lives in difference perspective, especially health care. Many pharmaceutical manufacture are using radio frequency identification RIFF) to replace brocade for fast-pace environment and accurate.

According to Manufacturing. Net: “RIFF technology Is a critical component to ensuring product quality In pharmaceutical”, “due to strict regulation enforced by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), many pharmaceutical manufacture are using RIFF tags to embed specific information about their product to prevent counterfeit”. Since we aware of the advance of technology in product, investor spends million dollar on researching and inventing high standard product every day.

In the latest aced, shopping online is one of common option for our busy society because online stores offer full service with Just one click. Nowadays, technology is more advance in service than ever. With several websites open at the same time, you can look at the product with all dimensions and compare the prices from difference stores. Amazon Is one of the most popular online store today; they always offer good deal with promise of free return shipping and the product normally comes on time.

Moreover, the provider keep In touch with their customer better by taking advance of genealogy. To update new product, all they can do is creating website to introduce about product, then send out several advertisement email at the same time, or consumer can get notification or coupon just by checking the email. Paying your bill by mailing a check seems like an old style now because most of department have their own APS where you can register and pay your bill in one second. Especially, e-banking helps you avoid waiting or stop by at the bank.

Bank’s customer would save some bucks by do e-bank or go paperless. Technology brings provider and consumer closer so that provider could understand consumer better in order to offer the best service. In the other hand, consumer also have more knowledge about provider by login Its official website and keep updating with the market. In conclusion, technology development play an Important role In humans life. We are taking advance of technology every day, and It Is always around us.