Free Sample: Advantages and disadvantages of computer paper example for writing essay

Advantages and disadvantages of computer - Essay Example

This was mainly used In defense and scientific research. Then came the Internet. With the arrival of the World Wide Web, the popularly of computers exceeded all conceivable Limits. The Invention of the e-mail and birth of efficient search engines further popularized the net. Today computers are an Indispensable part of human life. They find their application In all spheres of human activity, ranging from building rockets to exchanging messages.

Today, we use computers to store and manage data about people and companies, to diagnose and ere diseases, to book tickets, to teach, to gather information about anything under the sun, to create animation movies and produce special effects, to provide quicker and better quality service to customer in business, to communicate with people anywhere in the world using email, chatting or video-conferencing. Disadvantages of computer:- The teenagers of today’s society have changed dramatically due to the Personal Computer (PC).

Nowadays, the majority of teenagers have a PC and it has played a key role in their lives. Teenagers need to be equipped with knowledge of computer technology, as most things in life require the use of computers. There are several advantages and disadvantages to the use of computers in today’s world, ranging from access to prohibited information, education and issues of privacy. One disadvantage of owning a computer is the information that students can access from the Internet. Although restrictions apply, many teenagers have gained access to Information on drugs, pornography, use of weapons and making bombs.

The Internet has also made the youth of today quite lazy, especially in terms of their education. If a student needs to research information for school, they merely access a relevant site and download the information, rarely paying attention to what Is written. This Information is often opened as a “Word” file which contains “spelling / grammar” and “thesaurus”, automatically correcting any mistakes made. Basically, It Is the lazy way out and has little benefit for the student In terms of their language skills.

The Internet is also quite addictive, keeping students Indoors and negatively affecting their socializing skills. Many teenagers spend their time In “chat rooms”, talking to friends as well as people they have never met. This can be unsafe, as they don’t really know whom they are talking to and can eventually get Involved In dangerous behavior such as drugs, alcohol and relationships that their parents are unaware of.

Free Sample: Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer paper example for writing essay

Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer - Essay Example

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