Free Sample: Apple & Marketing paper example for writing essay

Apple & Marketing - Essay Example

Through effective and considered marketing, the value of a product or service is defined through a customers perceived value. This includes their subjective opinion of the associated benefits of the product or service compared to its retail cost. This perceived value Is also considered relational as It Is In direct comparison with their perception of competing products and services. Effective marketing considers 7 main categories; product, price, place, promotion, people, physical evidence and processes. When all 7 categories are thoroughly considered the perceived value of a product increases.

The company Apple started by Steve Jobs exemplifies a strategic and effective marketing approach that has created some of the highest valued products in the electronics market. A product is first created as a need-satisfying market offering to customers. Apple creates value within its product through a simple to use Interface and stylish range that meet customer needs. A price must be decided for the product or service they are offering. In the case with Apple, their products are In the higher end price bracket as their products have a high-perceived value which means consumers are willing to pay more for the products.

The place Is where a product or service Is available to its consumers. Apple have a multitude of easily accessible and interactive stores that offer customer support through one-on-one interactions that create value for it’s customers knowing there is a network of support for the product, when Apple devised its retail strategy in the past, the company had a single overriding goal; to launch stores that were unlike anything that customers associated with the computer industry (Mango 2010, 68-112).

Promotion Is a communication tool not only to Inform customers but also to Interact with them for long-term benefits. The primary purpose of promotion Is to communicate with customers. One of Apple’s promotions that add value Is the university student discount offered throughout a range of their products to satisfy customers. Physical Evidence is mostly intangible and aims to raise value through ways in which a customer can judge.

This is seen in an Apple store as your able to interact with a lot of their products allowing for customers to have a higher perceived value, as they can interact with the product they are about to purchase. The process is based on both production processes and service processes. Company employees an create a positive service experience for consumers through knowledgeable assistance. A service process Apple offers is the genius bar located inside Apple stores, which offer customer interactive support and guidance.

Free Sample: Apple marketing paper example for writing essay

Apple marketing - Essay Example

Value defined in marketing? Benefits – cost = customer value This customer value Is weighed against the customer values assigned for salary products and services that provide a similar benefit. Consumers will typically purchase the Item with the highest customer value among all offerings In the marketplace. What is its relationship to customer satisfaction and loyalty? Perceived product quality How much value has the customer derived from the product, the higher this value is the more satisfaction the consumer will get from this product Perceived Service quality

How would the customer rate their experience of buying the product, the higher the service quality, the higher perceived value and satisfaction These two aspects are crucial to customer satisfaction and value, Assuming all other factors remain the same (price etc) , if a customer is continually satisfied with both service and product quality, they will continue to purchase said product, they are also more likely to recommend this product to friends, the culmination of this leads to a loyal customer. How does apple create value for its customers? Prestige- the apple brand comes with connotations of quality, high price, “Scarcity = alee.

Have you ever wondered why Apple always seems to run out of products after a new release? Surely the company that revolutionized the smartened can figure out how many phones are expected to sell in their opening weekend?and can handle the logistics required to ensure that their stores won’t run out of stock. You’re right, of course. Apple could easily overstock their stores to ensure that everyone who wants a product can get one. But by deliberately running out of stock, Apple is able to create a perception of scarcity and value” http://www. celebritybrandingagency. M/blob/ what-can-apple-teach-us-about-branding. PH Apple doesn’t Just sell a product they sell a way of life, For example, The pod Commercials, don’t mention the specifications of the product, such as memory space etc, rather they try to sell the experience of listening to an Pod. “Apple emphasized how pleasant It was to be able to listen to your music at the gym, or on the bus, or when out for a Jog. The focus isn’t on what their products can do?the focus is on how they add value to the lives of Are they effective -Justify What customer relationship strategies did you observe ?