Artificial Intelligence - Essay Example

Artificial Intelligence is the capacity of a computer to reform operations analogous to learning and decision making in humans (this definition comes from dictionary. Com). To Just say it started out with something as small as an imagination is a diminutive definition of saying artificial intelligence started out as a history of fantasies, possibilities, demonstrations, and promise. (Buchanan B. 2005). In fact, Artificial Intelligence existed as early as the 18th century with the Turk. The Turk was a machine used to play chess.

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Chess has been and still is used for research during Artificial Intelligence because you have to think quite a bit while playing It. Later on In 1801 came the flirts programmable machine called the Jacquard Loom. I know we are all thinking now this Isn’t robot so how Is this Artificial Intelligence? Well at the time only humans could loom so to be able to program a machine to loom that was a big thing. By mid-sass’s we were on to our first version of the calculator when Charles Babbage and Dad Byron decided to join brains and make a machine that could calculate mechanically.

By the sass’s the world’s inventors who had interests in intelligent machines had concepts in the works that our children now all appreciate and that is some of the first forms of computer games. Robot is a term we can catch all four and five year olds using now, but imagine living before 1 923 in the times when the word did not even exist in English. Imagine living in the time when the words “Artificial Intelligence” did not even exist. John McCarthy lived in those times and studied what we now call artificial Intelligence.

In 1956, he decided to Invite a bunch of people with expertise and Interest In machine technology to brainstorm for a month at the Dartmouth Conference. This Is where he generated the term of Artificial intelligence and this is why he is considered the father of A-I. Abbreviation for Artificial Intelligence). Earlier in 1956 before John McCarthy invented the term Artificial Intelligence and even proposed the Dartmouth Conference, the first working implementation of digital Artificial Intelligence is the Logical Theorist project by Newell and Simon.

The Logical Theorist Project consisted of deducing geometric proofs. The machine actually used symbolic reasoning to solve systems of equations. Thus, being the pioneer that involved programming knowledge and information directly into a computer. The reasons I’m mentioning this after I mention the inference is; the Dartmouth conference was said to be not so successful. But, we would not have the term Artificial Intelligence without It. Second reason Is that without the term we cannot define everything else that was discovered before It can solely Just be told about so I wanted to define with the correct term.

One of the reasons it was said not to be successful is that Newell and Simon were invited to the well-known as the other researchers were at the conference. Also, in 1956 Newell and Simon decided to invent the GAPS system too. Two years later McCarthy would go on to invent the LISP. This is the language for Artificial Intelligence. The ass’s came and this is when people decided to move towards spending more hours in the office in front of the computer. This is when the hacker generation started. When I say the hacker generation I do not mean your normal hackers who go into your computers uninvited and steal your information.

I mean the actual individuals who got interested enough in computers and decided to go to school to hack them. These hackers would actually work with the computers late at night. Sometimes, they would eventually work with the computers so much that they would create better engages for computers and the individuals who worked with them. Or, they would hardwire new commands into the circuitry. The computer game Space Wars was created through these hackers staying up all night doing this. It was created with little memory and virtually no features. The word Robot is derived from a Czech word and it means “worker”.

I mentioned earlier that the first instance of the word in English came to light in 1923. But, actual robots came to life in the year 1961. The robot actually worked for General Motors and it obeyed commands to one by one stack and sequence die cast metal. ELISE was the next form off robot invented in the year of 1965. ELISE stimulates a psychotherapist using simple sentences. The ass’s were more about specialization of different types of AAA rather than creating different aspects from the mind. The budding of real AAA applications happened in the ass’s following the appearance of the Star Wars movie.

Marvin Minsk another inventor who works with AAA warned everyone in the ass’s about how rushing to spend a lot of money on AAA intelligent programs was not such a smart idea. After his forewarning, came the Machine Vision International crash of 1988. By the ass’s the use or AAA became more incorporated and geared towards war. AAA was used for a couple of things in the Persian Gulf War: 1 . Simply to pack a transport 2. To time and coordinate operations for Desert Storm. Cruise missiles were also equipped with AAA related fields studied years earlier like robotics and machine vision.

In 1996 Chess champion Sparrow was defeated by the chess machine Deep Blue. On to life after k, well now we are currently looking at the Mars Rover, and robotic cars that we use for competition purposes only. Also, Google Just recently came out with some robots that actually translate different languages in real time so that people who may speak different languages but wish to communicate can sit on their computers at any time of day during their time and have a chat session with a friend translated to them in the language that they prefer to read it in.

We do also have another form of robots that we can actually talk to and use in front of an audience and it translates in a certain language to that audience what we are saying. So with this type of invention there is no need to learn a second language when you can speak and a robot can use your voice, and sound Just like you speaking that engage. Another form of modern day Artificial Intelligence is touch screen cell phones, the games that accompany the cell phones, and something that we think of Artificial Intelligence started out in early history as Just something that people believed could only happen in their minds.

Slowly, through history as you can see that as they put their concepts together, and as we built on top of other concepts that came before current ones humans made what was considered only imaginable real. After almost 200 years of development and scientific experiments we now have some f the fastest working machines, and some of the most human like robots who act as if they have brains like WATSON who plays Jeopardy. Ideally, some experts would like for robots to become the ones doing everyday human functions and Jobs within the next 20 years or so.