Artificial Intelligence - Essay Example

There are several programming languages hat are known as artificial intelligence languages they are used almost exclusively for artificial intelligence applications . The two most common are LISP and PROLOG . The ultimate effort is to make the computers of human intellectual level. Artificial Intelligence fall Into four categories Thinking Humanly , thinking rationally , acting humanly and acting rationally . Thinking humanly refers to the cognitive science which are the scientific theories of Internal actively of brain .

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Talking continually refers to the laws of thought which Is normative rather than descriptive . Acting rationally refers to the rational behavior doing the right thing which is expected to maximize goal achievement -Acting humanly refers to human behavior such as feelings and emotions The advantages of artificial intelligence are it can take stressful and complex work that humans may struggle or cannot do , can complete task faster than a human , to discover unexplored things especially the outer space , less errors and effects and finally its function is infinite .

Disadvantages of artificial intelligence are it lacks the human touch , has the ability to replace human Jobs , can malfunction and do the opposite of what they are programmed to do , can be misused leading to mass destruction and last but not the least it may corrupt younger generation.

Such computers are yet to be developed which can simulate human Intellectual level but there are computers that behaves as artificial intelligence such as the computer chess program called DEEP BLUE which defeated world chess champion Gary Sparrow in 1997 , Intelligent robots can carry out many asks such as the production of cars in factory , insert wind screens , paints , car such as Honda CRY has a certain voice commands that can be use while driving Is used to carryout surgery , intelligent machines are used for autonomous planning and scheduling in NASA, it is used to logistic planning in gulf war.

Charlie Rotor head of Artificial Intelligence at Burlington,Massachusetts based software company Nuance communications said “with such Artificial machines we can become more kinder and more peaceful and treat people better”. Leon Musk CEO of the spaceflight many spaces and the electric car company Tests motors said “Artificial Intelligence Is our biggest existential threat”. On December 2,2014 Stephen Hawkins In an exclusive Interview with BBC said that “The development of Artificial Intelligence could spell the end of the human race”. On 22 January 2015 at the European concerned about it as it could impact the future”.

CONCLUSION:- Artificial Intelligence and the technology are one side of the life that always interest and surprise us with the new ideas, topics, innovations, products … Etc. AAA is still not implemented as the films representing it(I. E. Intelligent robots), however there are many important tries to reach the level and to compete in market, like sometimes the robots that they show in TV. Nevertheless, the hidden projects and the development in industrial companies. At the end, we have been in this research through the AAA definitions, brief history, applications of AAA in public, applications of AAA in military, ethics of AAA.