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Emotional Intelligence - Essay Example

Emotional Intelligence The philosopher Plato once said, “All learning has an emotional base. ” With that being said, emotional intelligence Is actually a very profound topic. To start, emotional Intelligence is the ability to perceive, control, and evaluate emotions. Some researchers suggest that It can be learned and strengthened while others claim It Is an Inborn characteristic. Emotions help pretzel what we pay attention and react to. There are four subsets to emotional Intelligence.

The first one Is being able to clearly perceive and understand emotions. Under this would Include the reading of body language. The second one Is having the ability to reason with emotions. Thirdly Is understanding emotions and being able to interpret them in accordance with you. Some people may think that having a high IQ is vital for success in life, however, that is not necessarily the case. In today’s world having a really high and impressive number for an IQ will not mean much if you work poorly with people. In these times avian a high CEQ is what will really propel a person to success.

Especially in instances of business, when one is trying to seal the deal. As much as some people may not realize but emotions play a vital role in life. If you let them they can run your life and you can be miserable all the time. On the contrary, if one looks at situations in a sense of “like water Off ducks back” then life will be all the more better. As I have matured over the years I have taken that approach more and more. To be honest I had never heard of or come across the term “emotional intelligence,” but in y research I found that it has been an important subject matter for years.

In the asses, Edward Thornier introduced the concept of social intelligence as it being the ability to get along with other people. In the asses Abraham Mason began to describe how people have the ability to build emotional strength. In 1975 a man named Howard Gardner wrote a book called “The Shattered Mind” in which he Introduced the concept of many intelligences. In conclusion, it is evident that emotional intelligence is the key to success In today’s world. The higher your CEQ the better off you are.