Emotional Intelligence Assessment - Essay Example

I lack taking care of myself first hand before attending to other individual or group needs. The Emotional Intelligence assessment has shown me clearly my strongest but yet, my weakest attribute and trait in my personality. For example, the care for others and thoughts of others feelings is important to , so I push to make each person around me happy, while I need to think of myself first, and take care of others thereafter while I am in good shape.

The discovery through the assessment has motivates me to make a change on the way I play my leadership role as a team leader. One good change I definitely will make is to take care of myself before others, which simply means I will e able to function more proactively and more efficiently with stern control and still exercising respect to my team members. My management skills will become more effective administering the take care of myself first, become a healthier more energetic leader to better promote, and motivate my subordinates.

I found an article titled “Relationship Between Personality Types Conceptualized by C. G Jung and Emotional Intelligence” from the GUCCI library. According to the article it states that, “Sharing emotions and empathy”, “Motivation to overcome difficulties ND optimism” and extroversion correlated proportionally with them. The function feeling correlated proportionally with the factor “Sharing emotions and empathy” and it correlated inversely with the factor “Recognition of nonverbal expression of emotion of the other people”.

The article simply explains how one can use his or her emotions to complete task in many different forms. For me this article in this paragraph applies to me. I tend to use my emotions for decisions at times, and I definitely motivate myself with my emotions in order to motivate others to feel the importance of what he or she is worth. One other article found was interested as well. This article really makes me smile. It speaks about using Emotional Intelligence in different ways for many reasons depending on your cultural background.

The article states how it entwines with life satisfaction. This is true; using my emotions to make decisions is a contrast of my thoughts in wanting to satisfy every person around me ensuring they are pleased in every aspect. This does gives me satisfaction in life to know that exercising one of my good personality attribute of emotion is helping other been happy. References: Overdevelops , Nathan. Dominator, Marina. (2013). Relationship Between Personality Types Conceptualized by C. G.