Ignorance vs Intelligence - Essay Example

I will explain the reasons why I agree with the fact that Ignorance is bliss… In conclusion, ignorance does in-fact lead to a blissful life. As you can tell by the previous paragraph, there are plenty of reasons why I agree with the saying that ignorance is bliss. But despite the plethora of reasons, I definitely agree more with you can never learn too much’. There are multiple reasons why I disagree with ‘Ignorance Is bliss’ and fully agree with the fact that you can never learn too much’. Ignorance Is defined as lack of knowledge, while bliss Is described as perfect peppiness.

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Often happiness is related to money and possessions. Without knowledge the average person’s capability of earning a high-school diploma is small. In the absence of a diploma, the chances of qualifying for a job are little to none. If you don’t have a job, it is almost impossible to make money. Consequently, in order to have a happy life due to money, Ignorance would have to be excluded. Happiness can also be created by friends and surrounding people. Friends can also reveal themselves as people who are considered backstabbers.

Without the knowledge to choose your friends wisely, you may often be negatively affected by the cruel actions of everyday humans. Without intelligence, you may be surprised when those, who you considered acquaintances, insult you or betray you. Ignorance can also be a disadvantage when Judging people to be your significant other. Without intelligence, one may be affected by the worlds’ habit of cheating and disloyalty. Untrustworthiness of friends can often cause sadness, but without Ignorance clouding your vision you may sometimes be able to reveal those who don’t mean you anything good and avoid them.

It is definitely never a limit on learning. Intelligence is beneficial in every situation, and it allows people to grow beyond expectations. Knowledge allows people to creatively and clearly convey an Idea. For example, a lawyer would be a failure without the ability to support a view, and cleverness Is necessary to effectively accomplish this. Knowledge Is also often used to communicate successfully with associates. The ability to converse with other of different races and cultures is only capable by the use of intellect.

The brain allows people to learn different languages and converse with them fluently. When providing advice to a company, it is important that you precisely explain your opinion in order for the company to prosper. One of the biggest situations that provide happiness is success, and you will definitely need intelligence. If anything Is bliss, It Is definitely Intelligence. Some people find happiness In basically learning knew subjects, expanding their mental capacity. Without intelligence, many people wouldn’t be able to think of those jokes that force you to cry tit laughter.

In the absence of brilliance, those beautiful songs that include melodic rhythms would be nothing. The lyrics that create circumstances that you can personally relate to would disappear. Those poems that portray emotions would be intelligence. The magnificent transportation, the technology that cooks our food and the machines that keep our houses cool would be Just a figment of imagination without the brain power. The use of intelligence has advanced our lives incredibly, and the same intelligence has allowed us to be happy. Happiness is definitely not rated by ignorance.

As Sir Francis Bacon said, “Knowledge itself is power. ” Learning more will only allow us to satisfy the needs of ourselves and others. With the expansion of intelligence comes expansion of communication and success. Maybe in the future, the brain will produce a cure to all diseases, or maybe the blueprint to world peace. Definitely, these capabilities aren’t possible if one relies on ignorance. In conclusion, by all means, I encourage everyone to learn as much as possible because the more intelligence acquired draws us closer to a forever prosperous life.