Improving Human Intelligence by Non-Invasive Brain - Essay Example

Since the beginning of humankind differences in intelligence were noticeable. By Introducing more and more learning material and different methods scientists could improve the knowledge and therefore intelligence, but this improvement is limited. As a solution scientists from the Oxford University developed a non-invasive brain stimulation called Transactional Direct Current Stimulation. But this method is still untested so It should not be used as It can affect our health, Introduces the necessity of a new education system and Interferes with the human nature.

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At the ginning TICS was used for people with serious brain injuries, but has never been tested for its long- term consequences as Barbara Shaking, a Cambridge neuroscience, says. To use electric currents and intervene In such a sensitive area of the human body keeps a lot of risks as It Is still not completely explored. For example it depends on the area of the brain which ability will be improved and nothing is more risky than to intercede at places which have not been examined.

Children are the worlds future and It is more important to keep up their safety than being Intelligent. Without a doubt Doctors explain what serious consequences medical brain stimulation as done with TICS has for the development of a child, it affects the physical as well as the mental health. Therefore it is not sustainable to introduce such medicine. More brain potential lead to a pressure which affects the natural brain balance, mental Illnesses may be caused.

To protect the health Is the most Important thing and at the same time problem of today’s medicine progress. The ability to teach pupils, who are influenced by an electric current to improve their knowledge, indicates a whole new academic qualification for teachers. Despite the fact that this would take a long time obviously It would cause more costs for the state, which should be a problem in times of an economic crises.

Consequently the state has to earn more money and that would lead to more costs for the individual who therefore would not be able to pay the price for the brain stimulating medicine, in any case that would evoke a vicious circle. In Germany laws concerning the universities and schools are Issue of the federal states for this given reason It Is not certain that every single state within Germany will have the right and possibility to hanged the system and to introduce brain potential maximizing medicine.

Therefore the necessity of changing the education system in Germany would indicate that the brain stimulating medicine finds no way Into the society. In addition human knowledge and Intelligence Is somehow a God given thing and by using TICS mankind would interfere its nature. Nowadays the world is very achievement- orientated and the states are downright chasing themselves to achieve the highest goals. Making this experiments the normal balance would be damaged. Humans are not good In everything, It Is normal to have gaps and weaknesses.

There Is a reason people are created that way and to be more precise, differently, they can help each 1 OFF going. By using TICS this natural balance would be destroyed and our society would fail. In conclusion, to use TICS is not recommendable, it is not well tested and therefore a danger for humans health, the costs of it will be very high and not substitutable for the state moreover TICS will interfere with the human nature and society. Consequently it is very important to be aware of the risks and problems involved in this method of brain stimulation. (607 words)