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Personality Assessments Ashley Conklin Sunday August 31 , 2014 The unique personality traits we carry as adults reflect our learning experiences. Our attitudes and personal opinions go hand in hand with the way we learn. We can be resistant to some learning techniques subconsciously and won’t take any useful information from it. The ways in which we exercise our minds activates our personal intelligence skills and teaches us more allowing us to build on our established knowledge. By taking assessment tests, I have found my strengths in intelligence. The assessment “Find Your Strengths! Pointed out my top three intelligences for hem. First, language was my top strength. I enjoy saying, hearing and seeing words. I’m motivated by words in books, recordings, dramas, and writings. I have a passion for words and can find deep meanings in writings. I enjoy reading quotes and poems. I find that they teach me to stay positive and reflect a deeper meaning than the context to how they appear. Another example of language intelligence is song lyrics. I’m able to tune into the words of any genre of music. I believe that every song has something to offer with subliminal meaning.

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Now knowing my first strength of intelligence is language, the assessment points UT a few things that can assist my learning techniques. I should keep a Journal to log my thoughts into words. Using a tape recorder to tape stories and writing them down will help me to see the stories in words. Reading a section and reflecting on what I Just read afterwards will help me grasp an understanding of a passage. Having different viewpoints when reading can give me an open mind on what others take away from it. My second strength is in musical intelligence. I like the sound and rhythm of language.

Lyrics in songs and words in poems stand out to me and possess a greater meaning. I remember things well when they are associated with music. For instance, I still remember the 50 states in alphabetical order from a song I learned in elementary school. Things that can improve my musical intelligence are reading song lyrics to music, using rhymes to remember phrases, and reading a story with great emotion that expresses a change of tone. Another key that will help me remember material is have music playing in the background which reviewing study material.

Relating situations too song will keep a vivid memory especially when hearing the song again. Surprisingly my third strength of intelligence is logic and math. I enjoy discovering how things are related and exploring how things work. Puzzles and manipulative games are fun for me and the challenge is brain exercise. Critical thinking comes natural for me. I analyze and reason by the facts and decisions are made scientifically. A few things will help with logic and math intelligence. Exploring the origins of words and categorizing word lists is useful for brain activity.

Writing down the directions step by step too simple task will show me sequence. Making outlines for papers or reviewing reading material with lists will help me with order. Another assessment that helps discover one’s strengths is the Jung Personality Test. This test is a series of questions that interprets an individual’s personality type. Out of the 16 types, my result is JIFFS personality. JIFFS stands for introverted, sensing, feeling and Judging. My type is known as being the protector. The assessment asks a series of questions weighing out the four areas: extroversion vs.. Introversion, sensing vs.. Intuition, thinking vs.. Feeling, and Judging vs.. Perceiving. My personality type leans towards Introversion. I tend to be more quiet and reserved. “They have well- plopped people skills and robust social relationships” (JIFFS Personality). Naturally, I’m social but value my alone time. I like to be around people but only for so long until I need my quiet space. In fact, my alone time energies me and allows me to gather my thoughts and impressions. I have an excellent memory in remembering people and details about them. I tend to have a few close friends and keep a small circle of people close to me.

I’m sentimental and caring towards the people in my day-to-day life. My JIFFS personality involves S for sensing. I prefer concrete information rather than abstract theories and ideas. I’m receptive to change and new ideas but as long as they are realistic. I like to set goals attainable and don’t find myself trying to reach goals that are unrealistic. I like to stay true to myself and others around me. I tend to lean towards logic verses feelings when making decisions. I’m very attentive to facts and details and have a vivid memory of my reflections. I prefer hands on experience to ideas and concepts.

The letter F stands for feeling and emphasizes personal considerations rather than objective information. I usually find something good in every individual. I make exceptions room the facts to accept someone. I’m devoted, caring and kind to those around me. I prioritize relationships and the needs of others. I make decisions on my gut feelings and intuitions. The J stands for Judging. I enjoy structure and organizations. I like to know what to expect. I prefer to be organized and have set plans. I have a great memory for detail and am practical minded.

Characteristically, I’m humble and unassertive. Due to my personality type, I value my personal relationships yet am very reserved towards new people: “Because they are quiet, people sometimes misinterpret this as standoffish behavior. (Cherry) I rarely disclose personal information unless it’s to one of my few best friends. My personality type tends to be focused on our surroundings and can relate details to our personal experiences. I’m a compassionate listener and remember details about individuals. This will help me in pursuing my future career as a counselor.

I enjoy hearing facts about others while making a connection with them. Although there are many strengths of my being an JIFFS personality type, the weaknesses coincide. We are known to neglect our personal needs. It’s common to have fear of branching out of my comfort zone. I have an extreme dislike towards conflict and negative criticism. I’m unlikely to express my own needs and concerns which causes built up tension and anger. I have a hard time leaving bad relationships that are unhealthy. Last but not least, I have problems letting go after a relationship ends.

Jiff’s like myself enjoy being around different types of people and tend to have a diverse crowd of friends. I tend to talk over my problems with my friends before making decisions. “They really enjoy and respect the company of Intuitive Feelers as well, but are not able to relate to them quite as well. (JIFFS Relationships) I have many friends that are different from me but it’s a good balance because they are able to show me their ways. I like having similar interests with my colleagues and friends but most of the time we have different a different point of view towards life.

When it comes to Jiffs work ethic, we tend to be dependable and trustworthy. I gain a strong sense of responsibility working at Nordstrom and have been with them for over three years now. When there are expectations for me to meet, I work well under pressure. I like to know what is expected from me so I can be held accountable to do my Job well. I like to work on projects alone verses with coworkers. I work better in a silent solitude environment. I tend to push myself to the limits to get a task done. When I know that I have a deadline coming up, all I want to do is get it finished.

I’m devoted to treating people with respect and go above and beyond to make customers happy. When it comes to learning, Jiffs are concrete learners. I’m interested in subjects that are practical and that will be useful for my future. Eve always struggled in classes such as science that don’t use day-to-day information. I gain more knowledge having a caring and organized teacher. I still remember my teacher Mrs.. Deem in my sixth grade English class because she made such an impact on my education. Everyday she would have us close our eyes and listen too song.

Each song she played was meaningful and had deep lyrics. She would have us do our daily Journal on our thoughts and experiences the song had on us. She always incorporated us in to music and taught us another world of English. Directions are hard to follow unless they are clear and detail oriented. “Teachers appreciate their willingness to work hard and turn in assignments on time” (JIFFS Personality Type). Jiffs are good at listening and ready to revere. Completing the “Find your Strengths” and the Jung personality assessments, I discovered more about myself than before.

Some of the points in the finalized results really surprised me and is helpful in understanding why I am the way I am. For example, the Jung personality test pointed out that I’m an introvert and that my alone time revivalists my energy levels. This was a truthful point that I hadn’t realized up until now. Another surprised finding was my intelligence strength. It’s amazing to me that I’m musically intelligent and that I can use my strengths to build knowledge in other aspects. Since I was young Eve always been in tune with lyrics and musical tones.

I’m able to pick up on any genre of lyrics and find meaning in all types of songs. The Jung personality assessment pointed out that I naturally sense situations. This is something I know I do but was unaware it makes up for my personality type. I’m observant in all social situations and tend to go with my gut feeling when fronted with an unsure situation. Both assessments I would recommend to my family and friends. They help individuals find their unique personality traits, which will help them gain a better understand of themselves. It’s important to know how you truly are and what you can focus on to grow as a person.