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However, with the increasing complexity of the plot, more characters were added. Later, to regulate the official number of characters in plays, Dhabi Wan, the first Minister for the Burmese performing arts, had set 28 marionettes to be the standard number. Figure 1: The List of 28 puppets created by the Table Wan In 1 776 General Ideas for Burmese Marionettes’ Costumes Burmese marionette puppets costumes are designed to be realistic so as to reflect the characters’ status in real life. As characters’ roles are recognized by the audience with the design of the costumes and accessories, the costumes are seldom changed ring the same play.

Moreover, since dance is a crucial aspect in plays, puppets have to be exceptionally articulated with costumes that are flexible to carry out accurate moves with Its body. Three dimensional puppets were often made by special puppet makers with puppets head carvers, costumes makers and puppet hairdressers who created the complex female hairstyles. In countries like Burma the different puppets characters were strictly stipulated Mahjong’s Stalk During the days of Burma-Thai Wars from 1760 to 1767, the former popular plays Manikin and Maim-car-you lost their popularity.

They did not survive into the sass as hey are not Included as official puppet plays performed by the court. Their positions were replaced by Cat-gal.-sale-bee, the Ten Great Stalk Tales. Each of the stones symbolizes a specific virtue as shown in the following list. ‘Though the stories told by the marionette troupes were no doubt fascinating and entertaining, they served a very real occupation. ‘ The play chosen, Mahjong’s Stalk is the second story from the Ten Great Story of Buddha.

It is a parable used to illustrate the theme of fearlessness to encourage people to pursue their dreams. The plot is about the long lost prince, Mahjong’s of Mantilla in the kingdom of Video. Due to the mistaken accusation as a traitor of his father, he fled to a foreign country when he was still in his mother’s womb. When Mahjong’s reached the age of sixteen, he decided to go back to Video and seize back the ruling power. He met Princess Siva during the Journey and finally succeeds with her help. Costumes for Siva Siva is the Inanimate in the play Mahjong’s Stalk.

She is always the heroine of the story or the one who assists the hero to gain success. As the Inanimate symbolizes the Burmese ideal and traditional beauty, her face is always beautifully sculpted and painted. Moreover, in order to emphasize her high status among the regular characters, she is the most expertly sculpted and opulently dressed Just like the other hero, Ninth . The puppet’s size of Siva is often larger than most other puppets in order to show its importance. Audiences will likewise be able to recognize her dance movements easily.

As Yoke That was most popular in the 19th century during the Congaing Dynasty, the princess puppets’ costumes were designed based on the real clothes worn by the princesses at that time. As the public cannot see the royalty frequently, the Inanimate puppet was used to symbolize the princess in real fife. As a result, the costumes worn by the puppets were realistic so as to convey the true image of the reigning princess. A basic set of Inanimate costume includes a fine and delicate Jacket with a breast cloth underneath.

A long trailing skirt with a length above the ankles is also needed to cover up the skin of the lower part body. Furthermore, the Inanimate is heavily ornamented where she wears a lot of accessories decorated with tinsels, beads and imitation of gems. Jacket According to the rules of Congaing Dynasty royalty dressing, royalty were not allowed to expose the skin of their upper body. Thus, only the royalty at that time wore long sleeves indicating their high status in society. It indirectly showed that they do not need to physically work hard and sweat all the time.

They considered covering up the skin as a way to show politeness when meeting officials from foreign nations. Thus, the Inanimate puppet’s costume mainly consisted of a long-sleeved Jacket the nobility of Siva. The Jacket has a deliberate design and detailed decorations. It is opened up in the front and decorated with flat sequins. Underneath this Jacket is a breast cloth similar to the ones worn by the regular citizens. It symbolizes the royalty underlying motto for the people’ whereby they are united together with them.

On the Jacket itself, flat sequins imported overseas are also sewn to represent the position of the royal members. The rarer the sequins are, the higher the position they are in. ‘Made of very thin metal or plastic, lighter than coins and more resilient than glass, sequins are a way of making a costume or textile eye-catching and glamorous. ‘ Of all the costumes worn by the Inanimate puppet, this Jacket is most luxuriously decorated. Its significance is to catch the attention of audiences as usually the princess will appear in the climax of the play for the first time.

In Mahjong’s Stalk, Princess Siva met with Prince Mahjong’s for the first time in the foreign country and started the Journey of seizing back power of the kingdom, Video. Figure 3: Photo showing the Jacket of Princess Siva in Mahjong’s Stalk Other than the sequins sewn on the Jacket, two crescent shapes are flared out from the waist down to the end of the Jacket. In order to maintain the shape, designers attach two thin pieces of bamboo which stand out from each side of the puppet’s hips. The Lott will then be stiffened and so that it will not fall down throughout the play.

These two crescent shapes are the representations of Princess Civilian’s beauty. The curves of the princess are shown to emphasize her body shape. Pointed wings on both sides of the Jacket also signify the ideal beauty of females in Burma. In addition, these pointed wings represented her status in the palace. For Princess Siva, she will often have two points on her Jackets as she is in the lowest position among the royal family. For other royal members such as the queen, they usually have around four to six points in total of their costumes.

As the positions are stated clearly by their costumes, the status of the character in the play can be distinguished by the audience directly. Figure 4: Photo showing the pointed wings on the Jacket of Princess Siva The colors reached maturity and is about to be married will usually have a costume in white and gold. It symbolizes that she is in her adulthood and able to make reasonable decisions. However, if the princess is still at a young age, her costumes will be mainly in light green or pink.

It is a sign which the princess in still in her childhood or teenage. In Mahjong’s Stalk, Princess Siva first meets Prince Mahjong’s during a Lind date in the foreign country. Hence, the costumes’ colors of Siva are in white and gold. Figure 5: Photo showing a young princess dressed in pink Skirt During the Congaing Era, an announcement concerning the fashion worn by upper- class females was made. Instead of wearing the ancient traditional near , women had to wear long trailing skirts.

Nevertheless, in order to distinguish the status between the royalty and the ordinary citizens, there was a minor adjustment of lengthening the royalty skirt to indicate their advance position. In Mahjong’s Stalk, Princess Civilian’s skirt is combined with two different pieces of cloth. The top part is made of richly woven materials from the waist to Just above the ankles which covers her legs. The bottom part is made of a slightly coarser cloth which starts from the ankle and continue to extend about half of the length of the whole skirt.

This particular cloth can be detached from the marionette for washing. Figure 6: Photo showing a Inanimate marionette dressed in an near before the announcement was made in the Congaing Dynasty Figure 7: Photo showing a Inanimate marionette dressed in a long trailing skirt composed of two parts after the announcement was made in the Congaing Dynasty Other than the designs, patterns on the skirt are sewn by imported colored braid and sequins. It is an imitation of the ritual garment, seek thiamin which included different kinds of embossed thin gold discs and Jewels sewn.

They are only worn by highly privileged queens and princess in ceremonial occasions. In Mahjong’s Stalk, Princess Siva wears the skirt sewn in this particular braid pattern. It states that she is the privileged one and holds high position in the play. Accessories Attached on the writs of the Inanimate puppet are a few pairs of large bangles made of rolled cotton. They are covered by tinsels and sequins to increase its visual impression on stage. Furthermore, long twisted strands composed of amok padded , beads and glass Jewelries will adorn the princess’s neck.

All these trimmings added on the Inanimate marionette are small in size which could be lavishly decorated by the designers. Additionally, in order to stress out the high status of the princess, a little comb studded with imitation of diamonds is pinned to her hair. Nevertheless, Mahjong’s Stalk is a play with a lot of romantic scenes. Therefore, Princess Civilian’s hair is done in a top-knot with a downy tress hanging loose on the right side. Artificial flowers are pinned on the tress which acts as the sign of romance between Princess Siva and Prince Mahjong’s.

The length of the imitation flowers also stand for the long and permanent love among them. Conclusion In conclusion, an effective presentation of costumes in Mahjong’s Stalk of Yoke That requires a combination of both realistic and traditional clothing elements. Exquisite details of the clothing and accessories are need as the whole performance is considered as a serious form of art and crafts. Costumes in Mahjong’s Stalk have brought a number of influences and significances not only to the foreign officials visiting Burma but also to the public society during the Congaing Era.

For the foreign visitors, lots of explicit traditional features will be displayed to them through performances Jointed by components of the opera and ballet. It acts as a diplomatic medium which subsequently linked up Burma with other neighboring countries in the period peacefully. On the other hand, the Yoke That performances benefit the royal family to a large extent. As a fine and positive image from the costumes had been built up for them in plays, normal citizens will tend to trust them in real life. As a result, policies will be easier to be implemented and deterred to the society.