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Computer or basic needs - Essay Example

In a society, especially In evolving countries, there are lots of others requirements that need spend money on. It seems to me that, governments should spend a huge amount of money on sanitation and infrastructure instead of computer technology. First of all, although we are living In the twenty-first century, a large number of people, all around the world are deprived from basic sanitation. For instance, these days, a lot of people are dying of Malaria, AIDS, and others horrible diseases.

These people need to drugs and medicines rather than computer technology. We should consider that the most Important thing for humans is their lives, and governments have duty to protect lives of people are around the world. Second, computer technology is not viable and plausible for all people in a society. For instance, most of elderly people have a restricted knowledge about computers and their advantages. Governments should spend money on infrastructures which are usable for all people.

For instance, although computer technology’s emergence facilitates communications, and people re able to make contact with each other via this technology, many people, include elderly people, housekeepers and others groups, need to traditional ways, such as public transportation. In addition, there is a controversy over computer technology has been devastating people relationships, especially relations between family members. For Instance, children spend a great deal of their time and energy, In front of computer’s screen or mobile phones.

They dedicate less time to their friends in order to socialize with them. Due to it, they might suffer from some kinds of mental illnesses and disorders In their future, like Insomnia and phobias. To sum up, In my opinion, governments should spend money on developing computer technology but this money should be limited. First of all, governments should cover others people’s necessities. These days, there are serious concerns and anxieties in other aspects of people’s lives. We should be moderated in all facets of life, Include Investments in computer technology.