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Computer Revolution - Essay Example

They changed the way banking had previously worked. In the earlier years, you loud have to work with a person to deposit and to take money out of the bank. Because of computers, the ATM was created and allowed people to go from personal service to computerized service, making banking faster and easier than ever. Computers also allowed large corporations to do computer-based teleconferences, which kept businesses from spending large amounts of money on expensive business trips.

In the health care industry, computers made diagnosis and treatment more reliable for patients. It helped to refine techniques for ultrasounds, Emir’s and PET scans. The computers helped to increase the image quality of ultrasounds and allowed them to go completely digital. Because of the advancement in computer technology, doctors could now look Inside the body. This was a pivotal change for surgeries, now allowing the surgeons to see what they were doing when operating on a patient.

Lastly, computers allowed doctors offices and hospitals to keep better records of their patient’s histories. In the health care industry computers were huge and very successful, but in the educational system computers seemed to collect a lot of dust and Just sit around in schools. Many teachers were not ready to move on from the traditional ways of caching, to the use of computers. But from 1990 to 1998, computers in schools increased from Just about 100,000 to more than 2 million. The computer revolution also had a great Impact on the scientific community.

Computers could provide information with speed and accuracy, but a well-trained scientist was still required to check over and interpret the data that the computers had given. Computers made analyzing data much simpler and the storage that computers had allowed scientists to become more organized and search through data like never before. With the improvement in technology, scientists could sort wrought what had been a lifetime’s worth of data, In one afternoon. Lastly, the computers left a huge mark on the government of the United States.

While computers were very helpful with storing criminal records and profiles, they also created a new type of criminal- hackers. The government had to create new bank, these new criminals used a computer to steal large amounts of money and commit fraud. In theory, computers should have made it harder for criminals to escape punishment but using computers in law enforcement required staff and the government had always been understaffed. So, things like copyright laws became Mathew inadequate to address the new problems that began to occur.

As you can tell, the computer revolution made a huge impact on American culture, politics and all other aspects of every day life. Without computers, we wouldn’t be where we are today. It’s strange to think how computers used to be such a rare item in places like schools and homes, but today almost every person owns a computer and schools have hundreds of computers to share amongst their students and staff. We’ve watched computers change over the past 30 years, and there’s no doubt they’ll change even more within the upcoming years as well.