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Computer: Science Fiction and Modern Technologies - Essay Example

So I’m going to explain my point of view and convict [convoke] heath people from the second group that modern technologies truly improve our life and make it easier and convenient. First of all you shouldn’t think that personal computer is your enemy [Manama]Heaper. On the contrary computers and Internet offer opportunities to work, study, entertain and also communicate with the whole world without going out from your home. The greatest Invention for studying is that now every student Is able to watch live online seasons broadcasting on the PC monitor at home.

Employers can control their own business In the Internet, ordinary people can do shopping In the I-net shops, communicate with friends or learn foreign languages Moreover, a mobile phone can help you to get out of a difficult situation or reach your partner wherever ] he is. According to statistics, nowadays it is much more easier for people to get any kind of information with the help of modern devices. And it is a well-known fact, that the person who owes the information, rules the world. One of the most popular developments in science is computer.

It is a modern complex machine, new accomplishes things we never thought possible. Computers have many benefits, for they provide entertainment, help modern cities function, and above all, they make the most difficult tasks incredibly simple. Computers can be used to create drawings for engineering or designing. Computers help guide planes by giving pilots the Important Information about speed and altitude. Computers are used to help predict earthquakes and other natural disasters. Also, computers can be used In medicine.

At hospital a patient ;s heart rate can be recorded and analyzed by a computer. Moreover, computers run a lot things in our house and even control televisions. Today computers help people to do many things. Bankers use them to keep track of money. Telephone operators use them to put calls through. Without computers, weather forecasters would make more mistakes. Computers also help scientists to solve their problems. More than that computers help police to keep order In shops. Computers also help doctors to treat patients.

Computers allow users to spend their ferreter and relax. But computers have some disadvantages. Computers can make people lazy. People waste their time when they play different games on a computer. Wicked games can make people, especially children aggressive and stupid. But in my view they have more advantages that disadvantages. It’s an open secret that the computer is a source of education, entertainment and communication. And in my life the computer plays a very important role. It helps me to find information and relax.

Though scientists have archived so much, scientific minds are still working at some urgent problems. I would like to mention some problems. One of them is finding and using alternative sources of energy. Scientists are also learning how to save and conserve energy. They have many problems with creating highly effective systems of communication. I can’t but mention one of the main problems. It is development of life on the planet. With technological progress associated new genre of literature – science fiction story.

Science fiction stories combine imaginary characters, settings and plots in a story based on believable scientific or historic information. Some science fiction writers have invented entire words, geographies, plants and animal life, and cultures. Stories may be set in the past, the present or the future. So science will be around us even more in the future, I think we-tomorrows adults must start learning today to be ready to take our places in this computerized, transistorized, antibiotic, nuclear and supersonic age!