A Chinese person computer manufacturer - Essay Example

Lenovo is a Chinese person computer manufacturer which founded in 1984 and it has become the world’s third largest manufacturers formed after its acquisition of the IBM Personal Computing Division in 2005. Early this year, Lenovo jumped into the tablet fray with its ThinkPad and IdeaPad K1 tablets. This document will analysis in detail the current marketing situation for Lenovo tablets. The first part will present the internal, customer and external environments.

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The second part will be the SWOT analysis. And the last part will define the Marketing Objectives. The references are also included in the the document. Although the tablets market is created by iPad, Lenovo’s tablets sale is still very good. Lower price is a major selling point for Lenovo.

Comparing with Apple’s iPad which pricing $599 for 32GB, Lenovo selling K1 tablet for only $499 for the same amount of storage.

After computers discovered from last century, they have been used in almost everywhere and been useful for our lives. But new problems come up such as pollutions. Due to this issue, the EUP instruct of The European Union which control the pollution of computer industry formal effective in 2007.

The China government also encourages the green IT which leads to lower noise pollution and lower energy consumption. In noise pollution section, Lenovo has achieved (Lenovo, 2005).