Administrator page - Essay Example

We decided to coordinate to our main respondent which is the Mutational National High School, hat use manual or the traditional way of enrollment. LOG IN: How to Log in as Administrator? Click the “log in as” then two subsumes will appear: (Administrator and Student) Click the administrator then type the surname and password. How to Log in as Student/User? Click the Student then a View Record” button will appear. How to manage the Administrator Page? The Administrator page is where you can add, delete and edit records.

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Click the Display All Records and you will see the list of all the students. How to manage the Student Page? If you log in as student the mission and vision form will appear: Then the Student Page: The Student Page is the part where the Student/User will be able to see their schedule and their sections. How to manage the Update Page? On the Administrator Page click the Update Record’s then the Update Page will appear: In this part the adman can edit the record’s of a student.