Free Sample: Are computer a hindrance? paper example for writing essay

Are computer a hindrance? - Essay Example

Even better, thanks to search engine, we can find whatever Information we need almost immediately. Secondly, with the Introduction of office applications, namely Word, Excel, Powerboat, creating and deleting a file now are very invention and then Just at a click away, we may share It together. Moreover, computer brings a lot of plus points to people’s lives. That Is to say, together with leaps of technology, computer brings the world Into our bedroom.

If our computers are connected to the Internet, we are able to make friend and keep contact with people all over the world, which broadens our social contacts. Furthermore, there are many kinds Info-entertainment computer offers, both online and offline, ranging from newspapers, magazines to games. However, computer, admittedly, like other things, as both pros and cons, but I am, personally, of opinion that the troubles steer from the users rather than computer itself.

When sitting glued in front of computer, people are very likely suffer from health hazards such as short-sightedness or back pain, even obesity and so on due to a sedentary lifestyle. In addition, owing to onslaught of the Internet, face-to-face communication could possibly sink into oblivion, eroding social cohesion. In conclusion, computer bestows upon us tools to make our lives better; however, the way we take advantages of it determines whether it is a help or a hindrance.