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Are we too dependant on computers - Essay Example

Computers are now the essence of the lives of modern day generation. There are so many reasons to why we would be so absorbed In the functions of computers. Isn’t It unbelievable that almost forty years ago there were many people who had never seen a computer before? In the present century, there are computers at almost every corner in the world. There are computers at malls and offices, almost every house in this city (Chester, United Kingdom) has some form of computer.

If It Is not a personal computer, it is a video game system or a laptop computer. There are even smart hones nowadays that have the capabilities of a computer! A computer program can perform almost any task that requires a speck of brain power. For example, executing Informative Information or data, handling data, and operating file systems or production factors (especially flow and automotive production In the business industry).

Computers enable us to work faster than ever, more efficiently and do Jobs that previously must be done by employing people to do. Nowadays, there Is no place with electricity that doesn’t have computers. Workers, scientists and students find computers very necessary for their work. Therefore, a lot of people depend on computers to do most activities whether necessary or unnecessary, but there are risks and problems which could result from a constant prolonged usage of this ubiquitous device.

Computers threaten human health by affecting the eyes, brain and some other body parts. Also, it not only threatens the health of humans, but also ruins relationships and induces indolence. Sitting In front of a computer for long has adverse effects. Radiation from the screen affects the eyes, making It difficult to Identify objects In high resolution. A magnetic lied, generated by computers, also harms the brain; therefore resulting in Jumbled thoughts or memories. A common symptom of computers’ adverse effects is restless sleeping.

When using a computer, the brain Is constantly moving Like a water turbine, Therefore, after prolonged use, the eyes are strained, the brain is on maximum Is still expecting more work and so results in kicking and turning while sleeping. Health Is not the only ‘individual’ to be devastated by prolonged computer usage; relationships are also hit hard too. Computer users who work on the computer for long periods of time, create less time for interaction with their society.

The advent of social networking sites might be seen as a solution to that problem, but “face to face” interactions are beneficial once in a while. Over-dependence on computers creates room for laziness too. People tend to disregard learning to do some things the manual way. Thus, a computer break-down would leave them helpless until the computer is repaired. Although this ever-present device has Improved our world and way of life dramatically, It does not benefit us to be overly dependent on them. 1 OFF Whether we are adults, teenagers, elderliness or even children, everyone seems to be reliant on computers.