Free Sample: Are we too dependent on computers? paper example for writing essay

Are we too dependent on computers? - Essay Example

Are we too dependent on computers? The computer in our life After the industrial revolution the men began to enjoy the technology daily in them life. When we woke up every things that we can use, since coffee machine, the hot water fro take a shower until our car that we drive for Job, everything is product of growing of technology. The true is that we can imagine our life without the technology anymore. However, one of these technologies that actually is present and has influenced our life is the computer. Actually, executives, housewife, students, and cost people have a computer.

Some houses we can find a computer per person or more. In our professional life it is of essential importance to have one, it can help us to do fast and more organized our work. For students it is a tool that assists the studies with educational programs, for example, and can be used for research with assistance of internet. Those things are each day more possible with the grown technology of computers. The first computer created is little similar of the actual computers. Today, we can find a lot of size, colors, and technology of it.

Some these are more advanced for experts, others for daily use with office and internet, or some are more simples for kids or people that are beginning to use. The diversity of computer permit us have more accessibility to that, because this diversity causes the low of price and we can afford to buy It. Today, we can perceive that the computer has been an essential Instrument of Job or study In our life. Consequently It Is a result of technology growth that Is present In our life and Influences our conidia allowing us more facility for our activity.