Blood Analysis: Computer Simulation - Essay Example

Also, In blood samples with plastic anemia and iron deficiency homoerotic levels would show to be lower than the average: 47% for males and 42% for women. Hypothesis- Activity 2: I anticipate that other than the healthy Individual all remaining blood samples will have high sedimentation rate. Hypothesis- Activity 3: I would suspect that Hemoglobin levels would be much lower for the Iron deficient female and that the Polytheism Male and Olympic female would have higher levels. Hypothesis- Activity 4: Blood types will be able to be detected through the presence of antigens Materials and Methods

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For this lab, we used these materials as listed below. * Computer * Physical 8. 0 Software disk ; Collins college Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab manual * Printer To conduct this lab, the following steps were taken: Activity One: You will need to open the Homestretch determination exercise within the Physique program. 6 blood samples are given simulating a healthy male living In Boston, a Healthy female living in Boston, Healthy male living in Denver, a Healthy female living in Denver, as well as a Male with plastic anemia and a female with iron-deficiency anemia.

You then take blood from the simulated blood samples fill the Heparin’s papillary tubes, seal it with the capillary sealer and place it in the microcircuit centrifuge for five minutes and record the results. You will need to open the Erythrocyte sedimentation rate exercise within the Physique program. 6 blood samples are given simulating a healthy individual, menstruating female, person with sickle cell anemia, person with iron deficiency anemia, person suffering from myocardial infarction and person suffering from angina pectoral.

Click the 6 blood samples and place them in the test tubes and add 3. 8% sodium citrate. After mixing, move each solution in to the sedimentation tubes. Set the timer for 60 minutes and then measure the amount of blood that settled and record the results. Activity Three: You will need to open the Hemoglobin (hob) determination exercise within the Physique program. 5 blood samples are given simulating a healthy male, healthy female, female with iron-deficiency anemia, male with polytheism, and a female Olympic athlete.

Click on the blood samples and place samples onto a slides and stirring with a hemolytic stick for 45 seconds. You will then drag the slide to the homogeneities and the left side will omit a green light showing the intensity of he blood sample. You will need to click the crank on the right side in order for the circle to match completely and record the data. Activity Four: You will need to open the blood typing results exercise within the Physique program. Blood samples are given simulating different blood types. You click on the blood samples placing them onto the slide with three wells, one place for each of the factors you are testing for: A, B and Re. You then click on the corresponding anti- serum and add to the correct well on the slide (anti-A serum in A, anti-B serum in B and anti-Re serum in Re). Using the correct stick that corresponds, you mix each well and place under the light box to look for coagulation as positive results.

Discussion and Conclusion In activity one it can be recognized that elevation affects the Homoerotic levels. Since n higher elevations oxygen levels are lower, the body produces more red blood cells creating a higher number Homoerotic level. Therefore the level from the sample in the Denver male was much higher than that of the healthy male in Boston. Also it can be found that the sample taken by the male with plastic anemia is very low. This would be because plastic anemia is a disease whereby the result is failure for the bone marrow to produce adequate blood cells thus causing the Homoerotic levels to be low.

Additionally the female sample with the iron deficiency also produced a low level homoerotic levels. This is because hemoglobin contains iron and if there is not adequate supply of iron than hemoglobin cannot be made therefore the red blood cells are reduced. These results were in line with my original hypothesis. Activity Two: In activity two the measurement of erythrocyte sedimentation rate (USER) was performed on various blood samples suffering from different ailments.

It appeared that the person with sickle cell anemia was starting to improve from the disease since the USER level was down. Also it appears that the menstruating female may be developing anemia during her menstruating cycle because the USER levels are a Geiger than the healthy individual. The person suffering from myocardial infarction is elevated while the person with the angina pectoral has the same results of that of a normal individual. USER is not a specific diagnostic test but rather a test that would rule out possible diseases or disorders.

Higher elevations dictate the worsening incorrect on this activity. The sample of the sickle cell individual having low results suggests that they are doing better. Activity Three: In activity three the measurement of hemoglobin was performed on various blood samples. As expected in my hypothesis the iron deficient sample were very low. This is because hemoglobin contains iron and if there is not adequate supply of iron than hemoglobin cannot be made. While the male with polytheism and the female Olympic athletes have higher than average hemoglobin numbers.

In highly trained individuals like that of Olympic athletes and those having polychromatic a significant increase in red blood cells occurs. Since hemoglobin is the protein found in the red blood cells, one can conclude that the higher red blood cells that occurs in these individuals would prompt the higher than average hemoglobin levels. Activity Four: Six blood samples were tested to determine blood types through the use of anti- serums in order to test for antigens. I believe this supports my hypothesis. As a positive results of an Antigen would result in a coagulation presence.

Example of this could be seen in blood sample three, a positive result of antigens through coagulation is present in Anti-Serum A, Anti-Serum B showing a blood type of ABA. Also the absence of the antigen can also give information of the blood type as in blood sample four, where there is no presence of an antigen in either Anti-Serum A, Anti-Serum B showing a blood type of O. Being able to determine blood types accurately can be life saving as one can imagine the coagulation occurring in the body if given the wrong blood type.

During these activities there was a level of human error that was deemed an uncontrolled variable that could have slightly altered the results. Additionally, to further study this topic it would be interesting to see the affects of children’s blood analysis. Does age affect the results of blood analysis or their activity level? Works Cited Maries, E. (2009). Human anatomy & physiology laboratory manual. (Custom deed. ). New York: Pearson. Physic-ex version 8:vibratory experiments in physiology [DVD]. (2008).