Characteristics of Computers - Essay Example

The accuracy of a computer is consistently high and the degree of accuracy depends on the human errors rather than technological weaknesses or due to inaccurate data input. 4. Diligence Unlike human beings a computer is very free from monotony, tiredness, lack of concentrations etc… 5. Versatility A computer is so versatile that one moment It is preparing electricity bills and In between It may assistant office secretary to trace an Important letter in seconds. 6. Storage Power A computer can store and recall any amount of Information because of Its storage power.

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A computer has the dual-advantage of temporary and permanent storage, hence even after several years, the information’s recalled will be as accurate as on the day when it was first fed to the computer. 7. No Intelligence A computer processes no intelligence of its own. Its I.. Q is zero. It has to be told what to do and in what sequence. A computer cannot take its own decision in this regards. 8. No Feelings or emotions Computers have no feelings or emotions and because they are machines. The judgment of a computer is based on the instructions given to it in the form of programs written by human beings.