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Computer and Books - Essay Example

Firstly, books are essential in a child’s every day learning. Schools use books to assist them in teaching the students. Take for instance, text books. Students use textbooks to store notes and to do exercises on. 2 | “Stuff doesn’t give you a competitive edge, high-quality related information sourced directly from books do. Quoted from Association of American Publishers President, Patricia Schroeder. Lenten is Just a tool, but books enhance your life. 61 Thus resulting in a way that is deleterious to the user. Lenten is Just a tool, but books enhance your life.

Even though the online binary system can search for any 10 information you need, it is better to practically search through the index I Books are more reliable than the internet. Take for instance; when there is a power cut, the internet is rendered USELESS. This is because without power, the device used to acquire the internet cannot operate. But if it runs on battery power, there would be no electricity for it to be 14 | Where on earth would schools be without textbooks? Also books such as dictionaries or thesaurus are great for helping students in their studies.

The students could search the word that they don’t know in a few 3 seconds, whereas the internet would take a longer to find that information I Besides, most of the websites found through the DEE portal are blocked, so the user is disadvantaged a lot as he or she won’t be able to acquire the information they need. But a student with books would be quicker and more successful than the student at a terminal. 7 | and appendix for information as it would, in the long run, result in a better future. For example, the user would have a better knowledge of that subject.

Internet is Just a tool, but books enhance your life. 11 | Charged, hence making the internet useless. My team truly believes that the internet in NOT better than books as of the reason that books are more resourceful, reliable and capable. Lenten is Just a tool, but books enhance your life. 15 | but also that it could have a possibility of being false. Lenten is Just a tool, but books enhance your life. Another reason why the internet is not better than books is that there is a wide array of books ranging from non-fictional books to novels.

I Internet is Just a tool, but books enhance your life. Books can be also read for recreation for example, books such as novels. But the equivalent of recreation on a device is most likely playing games which could be detrimental to a child’s mind. 8 | In order to use the internet, a device must be acquired, that means bought. It would cost at least 500 dollars but also think about the cost of installing the internet and in addition to that there are also 12 batteries, in some cases electricity. How much would that cost in total? 1 1 2nd

Highlights the importance of books, e. G. Textbooks there is a wide array of books. Not all information is true and verified. At school, most websites are true and verified. This could be disadvantageous towards the user. Library books are plentiful and true. Library books can even be read for recreation. Kindle weight-grammas books grammas but sometimes most books less than most books less than 453 grams, physical experience pages, cost batteries, devices cannot be use- power cut. Poor Eyesight Binary computer system, books searching index, appendix, enhance your life.