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Computer Assisted Learning - Essay Example

Avoiding popularizing these sources has given rise to many questions. A writer must cite the source if he/she refers from the WWW. This rule applies even when you cite from the WWW a visual piece of information. Reasons about why students plagiarism; when there Is some notable changes In the quality of a students work in terms of style, content, relativity and even vocabulary. Such changes are clear indications to an instructor that a student might have popularized maybe Intentionally or unintentionally.

A good example is when a student attempts paraphrasing so as to convey information but in the run fails to cite where that information was got. Also they may fall to show passages as quotations whilst inducting research for a project and later on treats It as it were a paraphrase. In some other extreme cases some will attempt to pass on their researched work as their own workings with intentions of passing their exams or tests with no much struggle and effort put into the work or research.