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An arrangement of information organized into rows and columns. M = Table 2. The box at the intersection off row and column in a table. B = Cell 3. A document structure that opens a copy of itself, opens unnamed, and Is used as the starting point for another document. N = Template 4. The template that serves as a basis for all new Word documents. J = Normal Template 5. The personal or company Information that displays at the top of a letter.

H = Letter Head 6. The word style that Inserts no extra space following a paragraph and uses single spacing. I = No Spacing 7. The first line In a business letter that contains the current date and that Is positioned Just below the letterhead It a letterhead Is used. D – Date Line 8. The name and address of the person receiving a letter and positioned below the dare line. G- Inside Address 9. The greeting line off letter K- Salutation 10. A paring farewell in a letter.

C = Complimentary Closing 1 1 . The name and tile of the author of a letter, placed near the bottom of the under the complimentary closing. O = Writes identification 12. The optional line following the inside address in a business letter that states the purpose of the letter. L = Subject Line 3. Additional documents included with a business letter. F = Enclosure 14. A word feature that corrects common spelling errors as you type, for example changing the to the. A = Auto Correct 15.

A technique by which you can move, by drawing, selected text from one location in a document to another. E = Drag and Drop Word Chapter 2 multiple choice 1 . When you create a table, the width of all of cells In the table Is : A = Equal 2. To Indicate words that might be misspelled because they are not In words dictionary, word flags text with: C = Red Wavy Underlines 3. To Indicate possible grammar errors, word flags text with: B = Green Wavy underlines 4. To Indicate possible errors In word usage, word flags text with.