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Computer Dependence - Essay Example

They are the one who calculate the speed, altitude and tell the pilot If there Is something wrong with the airplane. More over, computers also help people to communicate to their loved ones. More that that, computers has a great role In Improving safety measures, Like In a car simulation, client’s can study and review Its product If maximum safety procedures attained. In contrast, being too dependent from computers has a negative outcomes. Example of It, calculator Is a computer. Some people are too dependent using calculator In solving simple equation.

This attitude will lead people not using critical thinking In solving an equation instead they use calculator for faster result and convenient way. In addition on that, internet are vastly used nowadays, some students used internet for their projects and searching some articles. Instead going to library, they used the internet to save much time. But the downside of it, some students tend to copy and paste the articles and not using it just for references to make their own assignments. Furthermore, it is very dangerous when a computer is hacked.

Personal or government files might be exposed. Also public safety will be Jeopardize if a warhead/missile is being activated by terrorist group by hacking the military installation. To summarize, computers might have threat to mankind as mentioned above, but with proper use of computer and tighten the installation security and computer system, in this way we lessen the threat. What’s more, without the aid of computer life will be much harder compared to the life were experiencing right now.