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Computer Generated Image - Essay Example

What is computer-generated imagery and why is it important for the future of the camera arts? Computer generated image or (CGI) for short, is an image that is created entirely on a computer. In most cases, however, computer generated images often take use of a real world photographs and or drawings. Although the line between what is real and what is not computer generated is often seamless and difficult to identify. It is understood that a photograph or drawing that has only had its basic properties such s brightness, contrast and colors altered is not computer generated but merely a simple touch up.

Computer generated imagery will be and extremely important to the future of camera arts allowing artists to change and image or create something completely new, from the artists imagination simply by using a computer program. As software became more user-friendly and simple, the process of creating a computer generated image started to resemble its real world counterparts, like painting, sculpting, photography and flimflamming. Often time a computer generated Image is the base or starting point for creating a real life artwork.

The success of computer generated software in started In the early sass, when software and the processing power of computers became more affordable even for smaller companies and individuals to use, and since then It turned Into an accepted art form by itself. Over the years the technology evolved further and further, lowering the barrier between art and technology, and even allowing these two to blend without debate or question.