Computer Hacking - Essay Example

The vast majority of the population of the U. S. Does not consider computer hackers, who engage in illegal activity, as serious criminals. People do not consider computer hacking a serious crime because they are not directly affected. If a computer hacker taps into a network to gain WI-FL, no one will really care. But if a computer hacker hacks into a home network and steals credit card information to make purchases, then the severity of computer hacking is noticed.

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I believe that computer hacking is a very serious problem. Hackers tap into other seers networks and completely invade their privacy. Hackers steal essential and personal information and take advantage of the user that they have invaded. Even If the results of someone hacking into another users network turns out to be for the better, punishment should still enforced. In 1970, Bill Gates hacked into a computer network and completely shut the entire network down by uploading a virus he created.

He was severely punished and was not allowed to use computers for an entire year but five years later, Microsoft was founded. Although one might argue that hackers such as Gates are essential to the velveteen and the bettering of computers and security and such, I believe that if no one was attempting to hack Into things, there would not be such a large demand for constant security changes.

I would say that people measure the seriousness of these crimes based on the results of what is done. If someone hacks Into a computer or network to I believe that computer hackers have the ability to commit the most dangerous crimes In the world. Computers are involved In Just about everyone’s lives these days. Computers have been put In control of major tasks and computer hackers have the ability to Interrupt these tasks.