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Computer-Human Interaction - Essay Example

Eventually, I believe the keyboard will disappear and interacting with computers will be all touchstones. Speech recognition software has gotten to the point where It Is almost flawless. Back in 1982 when Dragon Naturally speaking was introduced to the market, it was not nearly as functional as it is today. I actually used the program during that era (1988) and continue to use It today. The most significant improvements I realized were the ability to Identify the words being spoken. In the beginning days of this program I made many more errors than today.

You actually had to speak very slowly and the rod annunciation had to be very accurate. But, for that time and having nothing to compare it to, the idea of the program was awesome. This Is where Moor’s Law has shown Its effect. “Speech & Voice recognition refers to the ability of machines to respond to spoken commands. Speech and voice recognition enables “hands-free” control of various electronic devices-?a particular boon to many disabled persons-?and the automatic creation of “print-read dictation” (1 Focus Medical Software, 2013).

This ability has made it considerably easier for disabled or impaired people to accomplish hat would otherwise be considered an endurable task. The progression of the software parallels what Moore set the standard to accomplish. Today, the progress of Dragon Naturally speaking Is due directly to Moor’s theory being applied. The computer processors and power has progressed as Moore indicated it should which allowed the software to perform at its best. Today “accuracy levels of the software have reached upwards of 95% and transcriptions speeds at over 160 words per minute. (1 Focus Medical Software, 2013) Back in the late offs I didn’t relate the errors with the processor speed or power but with the software. If you don’t know what the problem is, blame the software company was the attitude. I OFF called Dragon Dictate, and has remained the number most popular dictate software. Nothing is perfect, but this software does a great Job by my standards. The reviews are obviously mixed, as indicated below; “Not worth the money you save over v. 1 1 ” 2. 5 stars I on January 4, 2011 by Jubilate, Pros: Seems to work pretty well if you know how to speak correctly.

Cons: Technical support is less than stellar. Does not work with Bluetooth technology. Nuance could care less if you’re unhappy with the product. Summary: This product seems to function pretty well. I do not like having to say period after each sentence but Oh well. I also do not like having to be tied down by a corded microphone and or headset when we have this wonderful thing called Bluetooth technology. One other; “An improvement of a good speech recognition program” 4 stars I on December 4, 2010 by Lenience Pros: Very little time needed to train it to recognize a person’s voice.