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All novels, short stories, and poems are mostly written by authors from their own personal experiences and inspired by true events. Throughout their experience they face several conflicts and they utilize few of these conflicts to create an art. This art allows the authors to put hints and clues of their emotions, perspective, conflicts and opinions where they express their feelings into writing by emphasizing on single character. Revealing their personal lives in works of writing shows how “art imitates life.

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Through Conflict we gain a valuable lesson and conflict in some way makes writers to create better works of arts. Raymond carver is known for his poems and short stories and some of his stories were based on his personal life. “Mine little things”, “Cathedral”, “shiftless”, “will you please be quite, please? ” and “where I’m calling from” reflects Carver’s life; where we can actually see parts of Carver’s turbulent life through the characters he create. Raymond carver is a prime example of a writer whose life is imitated in his arts and how it had benefited him. Raymond Carver was a child of the working poor who lived in poverty.

His father was alcoholic who died at the age of fifty-three and his mother was tortured throughout domestic violence. Carver had faced many issues in his life. One of his conflicts that he experienced and turned into works of art was his depression. His art reflected his life and he illustrated the idea of his depression and poverty through “Shiftless” and “Mine Little things”. Throughout the theme of depression he showed how a child can be affected by broken houses. He connects the dots of his life with the story where he was the child stuck in the middle. He struggled his way through life.

In the story “Mine little thing” focused on a baby being abused because of their parental confliction. “The baby was red faced and screaming. In the scuffle they knock down a flower pot that hung behind the stove. ” (carver) This character that he created was a scene which he took from his personal experience where he was the target of his father’s frustration. “He felt the baby slipping out of his hands and he pulled very hard. In this manner, the issue was decided. “(Carver 23) this quote substantiates the idea of how miserable his life was as he was growing up, which he showed us throughout the characters he created.

In the story “shiftless” emphasized on economics of his childhood. “The people who were better off than us were comfortable and the ones worse off were sorry and didn’t work. ” This quote identifies his childhood where he lived in many needs and wasn’t comfortable with the life he was living. Carver knew intimately the marginal lives of hardship and squalor from which he crafted luminous stories of empathy, endangerment, and hard- won affirmation. Carver was educated at a local school in Yakima, Washington. After graduating in 1956, he married his high-school girlfriend, the sixteen-year-old

Maryanne Burk. She was pregnant and Just graduated from an Episcopalian private school for girls. When her second child was born, she was eighteen. After graduating from Davis High school, Carver supported his family by working as a Janitor, laborer at sawmill and salesman. During their marriage, Maryanne worked as a waitress, salesperson, and administrative assistant and teacher. Usually she earned more than he did. Their children had a rough childhood but eventually both become college graduates. Raymond had his own issues with his wife and they didn’t get along much. In 1982 Carver divorced Maryanne.

This was another conflict in Carver’s life which inspired him to write more about his portrayals of marriage problems which are full of emotional tension, hidden memories, wounds, longing, hate, anxiety, and melancholy. In the story “Cathedral” without using any character and being the narrator himself he emphasizes on his marriage life, which he wasn’t happy with. Mimi don’t have any friends,” she said. “Period. Besides,” she said, “goddamn it, his wife’s Just died! Don’t you understand that? The man’s lost his wife! “(Carver 43) This art illustrates the idea of how Carver’s marriage life was broken and they didn’t understand each other.

Also in the story “will you please be quiet please? ” emphasizes the idea of unfaithfulness of a wife. It’s about Ralph and Marina, two students who marry and become teachers. “Ralph becomes obsessed with the idea that Marina was unfaithful to him once in the past. Ralph gets drunk and feels his whole life changing once he finds out the truth. “(Carver 304) This art was part of Carver’s personal life, where he experienced betrayal by his wife Maryanne. He wasn’t able to forget what she had done to him therefore; he had divorced her later in life. In the story “Where I’m calling from” demonstrates the idea of alcohol and how J.

P. ‘s story as well as many other alcoholic stories is in a tripartite form. It begins with his great life before the drink, the way the drink affected his marriage, and now with his stay at Frank Martin’s it will include his life after the drink. Frank Martin’s rehabilitation center literally becomes the means of the characters’ sobriety, and it seems that without it they would not be able to dry out. “l won’t raise my voice. Not even if she starts something. She’ll ask me where I’m calling from, and I’ll have to tell her. I won’t say anything about New Year’s resolutions.

There’s no way to make a Joke out of this. After I talk to her, I’ll call my girlfriend. Maybe I’ll call her first. I’ll Just have to hope I don’t get her kid on the line. “Hello, sugar,” I’ll say when she answers. “It’s me. ” (Carver 55) It clarifies how he was influenced by alcohol and how he was Just trying to build a fire and create hope and life for himself. Carver’s life imitated his art with fatal consequences. In September he found himself spitting blood. In October 1987 two-thirds of his left lung was removed. For the next nine months, Carver battle against cancer.

Carver had died in 1988 but his art had definitely imitated his life, because all his scene and creation was from his personal conflict which he had in his life. Raymond Carver as we know it had fought through many conflicts but he had deliberate many magnificent short stories and poems that we enjoy in our daily life. He is known as one of the best American writer but he didn’t Just become a writer over night. It’s his experiences and conflicts that he had faced, allowed him to create better works of art and presents us with outstanding novels, poems and short stories.