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An important reason for the several different findings of the studies Is that they don’t specify or find out how CM Is related to interpersonal attraction. The alms of this study were to Investigate the Influence of computer-mediated communication (CM) on interpersonal attraction and to compare two types of CM that have became popular over last couple years for example instant messaging.. For the first am, identify two variables that may mediate the influence of CM on interpersonal attraction, self-disclosure and direct questioning.

Concentrating on these potential mediating variables, they tested two explanatory hypotheses which ere the CM-launched direct questioning hypothesis and the CM-launched self- disclosure hypothesis. Eighty-one cross-sex dyads were assigned randomly to one of three experimental conditions: text-only CM, visual CM, and face-to-face communication. There was no direct effect of CM on interpersonal attraction but did find two positive indirect effects of text-only CM on interpersonal attraction.

Text-only CM stimulated both self-disclosure and direct questioning, both of which ;n turn enhanced COMMAND Interpersonal attraction. Results are discussed In light of uncertainty reduction theory and CM theories. From one of the articles references, Walter provides that most logical exploitation: CM users are forced to rely on self-disclosure because they lack other, more subtle uncertainty reduction strategies. Reference Antithesis, M.

L. , Vulnerable, P. M.. & Peter, J. (January 01, 2007). Computer- mediated communication and interpersonal attraction: an experimental test of two explanatory hypotheses. Psychobiology & Behavior : the Impact of the Internet, Multimedia and Virtual Reality on Behavior and Society, 10, 6, 831-5. Relationships have formed on the internet continue to grow fast. The internet has become so popular and a part of everyone’s daily life. Online communication have even negative.

An important reason for the several different findings of the studies is that they don’t specify or find out how CM is related to interpersonal attraction.