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Computer memory - Essay Example

When the head is at a certain location, data and Information are either being written or deleted from that area of the hard drive. The largest hard drives available these days are as big as 2 terabytes and can store information up to 70 megabytes every second. RAM. RAM stand for Random Access Memory. These are electronic types of computer memory that accesses any information any time. These types of memory work reversely like tapes. Since they are electronic, there are no arms, heads and spelling Involved. RAM work really fast as they are the ones who ring the information to the brain to be processed.

However, all the information and data stored here are short term as after they are processed the RAM frees itself so that more Information can be processes by the CPU after. Flash Memory. Flash memories are types of computer memory that works Like RAM but are stable. Even when there is no power, the information and data saved in them are kept safe and secure. They cannot, however, keep as much data and information like the hard disk drive. These are very small and portable devices therefore not much hardware Is available, hence the small storage space.

At present, the biggest flash memory drives can only hold up to 32 KGB of data. Unfortunately, flash memories are slow. The fastest of the flash memories can only read up to 22 megabytes every second. Tape Drives. Tape drives are types of computer memory that work like tapes or audio cassettes. They have ribbons and spools, where the data and Information you would like to store are saved with the ribbon’s polarity. These tape drives are mostly used by medium to large organizations as they offer long term and stable storage.

Lastly, we have the CDR memory. These are the types of computer memory that are permanent and portable, These types of computer memory works Like records and hard drives. However, instead of the head and arm, a laser light writes and reads the information on the CDC and DVD’s to interpret it and display them in the monitor. The best thing about the CDR memory is that they are very durable, especially when compared with all other types of memory-Computer memory Is a location in which various data Is stored In a computer system.