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Computer missuse act - Essay Example

The data protection act relates also mentions the fact that all information kept should be elevate and accurate as keeping false information could lead to governing bodies having the wrong information which could lead implications in future. It also states that it must be deleted when no longer needed; this means when you stop acting for a client you are to dispose of their information properly and ensure that it is all destroyed.

Way to ensure that data is protected is using passwords to log on computers or to access files, and if it is not on computer you can lock filing cabinets this will ensure that you are doing everything In your power to stop people accessing The computer misuse act Is the offence of Intending to secure Information that Is unauthorized or unnecessary to carry out your Job. In my Job this means only using the information needed to complete accounts or change information with HUMOR, it is possible for me to have access to a lot of personal information about the clients we act for.

It is essential under the computer misuse act that I only access what I need to carry out my Job and further more ensure that none of the information is left lying around or on show. To help myself to follow this act I can ensure I only use my own computer and don’t accidentally find myself accessing information I didn’t mean to which other people might see and be able to use.

I could also only use the computer when I am working or studying to completely avoid accusations of misusing my computer. Last ensure that when I do leave my computer unattended make sure that It Is locked or that It Is not possible for someone else to access private documents. The computer misuse act mentions that the information is not to be used for any roomful or harmful doing you cannot use it against people the information that you have about them.

It also mentions about viruses must be avoided where ever possible and any willing to opening links that could hack information is misusing the computer. If you willing allow someone access to peoples personal information in our field of work this could lead to identity fraud, we have peoples bank details so they could get stolen and used or even if a competitor gains this information they could SE it against the company and force them out and leave the field to them so it could cost them lots of money.