Computer Networking - Essay Example

Antivirus software The use of antivirus software helps in cleaning the system from being attacked and protects it from losing its files so that it can’t crash. It also provides protection from e- mail and form being hacked from the system. Antivirus software exist in in the active memory of the computer, and takes central of it to alert you to an active virus to prevent your computer from crushing, if the software cannot repair the infected file, t will quarantine this file or give you the option of being deleted.

Fire wall Firewall provides additional protection against the Trojan horse viruses as it blocks the unauthorized e-mailing of the key log file to its intended uses, and alert me the Trojan horse’s viruses attempt to do so. Firewall software acts as a secure barrier between your computer and the outside world, it monitors traffic and decides whether or an unauthorized security risks. To hackers, firewall gives the permission of your computer not being therefore at vary least being difficult to locate.

Recommendation I recommend that antivirus is installed to help in cleaning the system from being attacked and protects it from losing its files so that it can’t crash and also use firewall to keep invaders from gaining access to the network. Firewall acts as a gatekeeper for incoming and out coming traffic and protects the computer form the internet threats by establishing a cybernetic wall between the network and internet.

The data network used in the offices will enable the staff to use the internet in way that they can access information in an easier way and the diagram indicates how the Taft is going to connect the intranet, task two indicates the hardware which will be suitable use and the cost of installation so that can budget for the connection, task three shows how the company is going to protect its network and devices from being attack by viruses and hackers from the outside .