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Computer Science - Essay Example

Sometimes when downloading some files, you must be careful on It because It sends virus to the computer that may affect the other files In the computer or worst It damages the process of the computer because some sites are having virus. In internet, you can also see some inappropriate contents like porno. We could also plagiarism or steals someone’s work, plagiarism. Some users are s sending some unwanted e-mails that could obstruct the computer, spamming. 3. How will you secure yourself from cyber bullying? We can avoid cyber bullying by not replying on someone’s if he/she chat on you.

We must also choose an appropriate email-address or surname in order that no one could identify your gender, your age and your occupation. Do not make your profile available in the public. Your profile must be known by the people you trust in order that you can avoid some spamming. 4. In your own way, how can you help improve the use of internet? I could help improve the use of internet by deleting/ locking some inappropriate contents. Also by warning to those who spam messages. Lastly, by making the research much easier by Just typing keywords on your research.