Computer Software: Multiple Choice Questions - Essay Example

Productivity software that has sophisticated features to help you produce typeset-quality output is considered software. A. Word processing Web authoring desktop publishing spreadsheet 10. The type of system software designed to help you monitor and configure settings for your computer system equipment is settings set utility execution confining 1 1 . The type of system software designed to help you monitor and configure 12. Just about everyone has used tunes software to download music.

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Tunes software also allows you to list the songs you’ve downloaded, delete songs, find songs, and organize your music into play lists. These features of tunes are similar to what type of software? A. Word processing software b. Spreadsheet software c. Database software d. Groupware 13. Word determines how your text flows from line to line by automatically moving words down to the next line as you reach the right margin in a word processing document. A. Placement format wrap authoring 14. To find a particular record or group of records in a database, you use a(n) mind inquiry query search 15.

Web applications are installed locally and run on the Web installed on the Web and run locally accessed and run on the Web all of the above 16. Pads, phones, and pods are only allowed to download APS from the tunes App Store, and while APS are available from other sources, using them requires an unauthorized change to the device’s software called a(n) protocol breach android factory reset jailbreak.