Computerized Employee Time Monitoring System - Essay Example

Project Context As technology grows fast, certain advancement are being developed for the better which will make every task easier, faster and reliable. This changes can be applied in any field, companies or organization whether private or government sectors. Some of these companies are now currently implementing computerized system for the benefit of both employer and employees. Major companies are trying to adapt to the new technologies to improve their management and monitoring.

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Taking time attendance of each employee should be done in a more advance method. Time is a special resource that you cannot store or save for later use. As they always say “Time is Gold”, each of us has the same exact amount of time each day. Time wasted cannot be retrieved. Some people feel like they don’t have enough time to finish their task. They blame lack of time with their unfinished business. Wise time management can help each Individual to find time to finish their unachieved goals. Through time management you can find time to do the things you need to do.

You become more productive when you know how to manage your time and you’ll be surprised at the progress you make. Time management can help you reduce wasted time and energy which will help you become creative and productive and enables you to do the right thing at the right time. Working time is the period of time that an individual spends and being paid off. And each employee should well rendered their services as each hour of services rendered should be paid well. Maintaining the time attendance record of a company Is mandatory to ensure integrity and discipline to each employee.

Monitoring of the time attendance by the superior gives some Idea on the tardiness and absence or leave (official or unofficial) asking by the employee. Seller Medical Clan as Its primordial name, was conceived by DRP. Harry and Eden seller In June 1992. seller Medical Hospital has expanded again its facilities, manpower, services, and specialties and changed its name into Seller General Hospital. To date, the Seller General Hospital is continuously providing the quality health care that its clientele so deserves, fulfilling its motto “we serve, we care”.

In line with fulfilling the hospital motto, they should render the proper time attendance. At present, Seller General Hospital uses attendance sheet for their daily mime record of log in and log out. Hence, the researchers proposed a Computerized Employee Time Monitoring System which will record the correct and accurate time attendance of each employee. Computerized Employee Time Monitoring System will take account In recording and also falling the correct and proper time attendance of each employee for any retrieving operations.

This will also assure accuracy and certainty of information and and can even produce needed outputs. Purpose and Description of the Study The study focuses on the individual log in and log out of the employees in the capital through the design and development of a system providing a means of information on the employee’s personal data. The study main reason of existence is to monitor the individual log-in and log-out of employees. The system requires employee’s personal data.

With the system providing a user-friendly and effective system provides an easier and faster view of data of individual employee. The system can retrieve information from the database and can view anytime. Objectives of the Problem This study aims to develop and implement a Computerized Employee Time Monitoring System for Seller General Hospital, Rosa, Isabella that will monitor the log-in and log-out of each employee, as well as to provide a correct and proper daily time record. Particularly, the study aims to answer the following questions: 1 .

Determine the respondents’ evaluation on the advantages of the proposed Computerized Employee Time Monitoring System in terms of: a. Efficiency/Accuracy b. Economics 2. Determine the significant difference in the evaluation on the effectiveness as perceived by the two groups of respondents in terms of: a. Performance b. Information c. Efficiency/ Accuracy . Control e. Economics f. Security Significance of the Project The study could benefit the following: To the Seller General Hospital Management.

This study will benefit the hospital administration in securing the proper and correct monitoring of log in and log out of each employee. To the Employees. This study will benefit the individuals in recording and filing their correct log in and log out. To the Researcher. This study enhances the knowledge of the researcher in writing and programming. Furthermore, this study gave the opportunity to the researcher to learn and strive more to become competent n her field of interest. To the Future Researcher.

This serves as their future reference in conducting same field of study. Scope and Limitations of the Project The project is entitled Computerized Employee Time Monitoring System for Seller General Hospital, Viral, Rosa, Isabella, First Semester S. Y. 2014-2015. This study focused on the assessment of the present log in and log out of Seller General System. This study is limited only to record the employee’s individual log in and log out and it does not take account of the other transaction of the hospital.