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Invention of the computer - Essay Example

The Invention of the personal computer took place about 50 years ago. Steve Jobs and others had developed the Apple*. Since then the whole world has affected by It in the following ways: 1 . Computers balance financial transactions such as our personal bank account. 2. On a larger scale the IRS keeps track of every American in a variety ways by computer. 3. Our Intelligence services keep track of people by computer who would do us harm. Computers manufacture cars, washing machines and toasters. 5. Missions to space would be impossible without computers. 6. Our educational system depends on the computer to track grades & write essays. 7. Computer assisted design programs design building complexes. On the other hand the computerizing of man’s life has taken a toll in the following ways: 1 . The privacy of the common man has been compromised. 2.

The use of universal numbers in almost every part of our life makes us slaves. 3. The Social Security Number, Driver’s license number, Military ID, HOMO number are examples of the intrusion by the computer into our lives. 4. Hackers have stolen these numbers for identity theft, embezzlement, & other crimes. In conclusion, the computer has been used for both good and evil In the world. We must then be vigilant so that there Is no harm caused to man.