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It Intro of Computer - Essay Example

How the Introduction to computer will benefit me in my personal life, and education, and career In many ways. I believe Introduction to computer will benefit In my personal life by helping me what do if or need to do in computer at home. I feel taking introduction to computer is a good class to take in your education like for people who are non-career computer course that feel they want to learn , and be able to go home help them self or help someone else. In the career field I am talking is computer networking which I believe introduction to computer is a start to my path f my career.

Introduction of computer is a great benefit not for me but for many people who take it. Plus it a good education to take or giving because you can and will learn a lot, giving you an Idea what you will be working on, having an Idea what would you need to do or look for to solve your problem. By learning In the class and skills you are able to help yourself not needing to call or get someone to help you. In BIT I am taking Computer Networking as my career. I believe introduction to computer is a start for my new career.

I feel I will learn what I need to learn to progress to the next level In my education career. I would like to learn to learn a lot in computer networking or what I will need to learn about or need to know in the computer networking field to success in my career. Taking this course will benefit not only me but a lot of people who take it. Benefit us outside the class room prepare us what to deal with or look for a computer product which one will work for us. I believe I will learn a lot, and what I need to success in my career path in Computer networking.