The impact of computer technology on our lives - Essay Example

Computer technology arouses the students’ creativity as well as their thinking skills. Computers also help students with learning deliverables to be able to easily understand their lessons. Also, teachers can use computer technology to Improve their teaching skills. Today, with the use of latest word processing applications, students can improve their spellings because these applications can tell if certain word is misspelled. Also, people who have communication disability such as the Mute and Deaf can easily express their thoughts and feelings with the use of computers.

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Another important role of computer technology is that it allows us to have a better understanding of everything such as education. Computers are being used nowadays to teach children easily and conveniently which develops their thinking and creativity skills at the same time. Arguably, technology has the potential to Increase Individual freedom and strengthen community -? even though so many people argue It does neither at the moment. Since 1965, Americans have gained an average of one hour of leisure each day, according o social scientist at the university of Maryland.

Some “experts” even believe that by the middle of the next century, the average work week in America will be shorter than 28 hours. Today men and women have more time and opportunity than ever to pursue their dreams. Besides keyboards and mice, today’s interface devices include trackballs, Joysticks, hand held styluses for handwriting and drawing, microphones that pick up speech, and both still and video cameras for Images. There are many other devices being developed around the world. Scientists and engineers are errantly working on gloves that let the computer know the precise movement of your fingers.

Experts are also working on glasses and head tracking helmets with mechanical, electromagnetic and optical gadgets that track eye and head movements so that the computer knows where you are looking. Complete body suits that convey the motions of the torso and limbs are not readily available but they have been built (in clumsy forms) and will undoubtedly appear in the future. These same devices will feed information back to you, flooding your senses with spoken information, three emotional video, audio and “body’- tactile impressions that will range from the tickle of a cats’ whiskers to being driven into the back of your chair.

These state of the art interfaces will forever alter the way we work and “recreate” in the near future. These new interfaces may allow individuals to work simultaneously with colleagues around the globe. The application possibilities for these Interface technologies Is really mind boggling. Despite many uses computer Is definitely being misused too and Is also bringing some disadvantages. Children and even adults now rely on computer for getting any kind of Information rather than consulting libraries and books.

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In fact now even online libraries are available where you can buy or read health as they now spent even more time on computer than television. Many people don’t even bother reading newspapers now as online Journalism has provided them this facility too. But this impact may not be as bad as plagiarism. Many college students and even at higher levels of education, students copy someone else’s research from internet and present it with their own name.