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Compare the advantages and disadvantages of three of the following as media for communicating information. State which you consider to be the most effective. Comics books radio television film theatre In our dally life, the ways of communicating Information are Increasing variety. Someone like reading books but others like using multimedia to digest Information. Such as through TV programs or films. All of them have both advantages and disadvantages for our lives. In fact, books are an enormous treasure of knowledge. They contains all basis information that human needs.

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Books teach us not only some simple advices like how important of brushing our teeth everyday but they also help us to understand things that are extremely great like why the Earth moves around the Sun. Books appears everywhere, at library or bookstore, and we can read them anytime we like. However, It has some disadvantages because of lacking pictures that make reader feel boring when they are reading. Books are full of words so it requires people should be a patient person to read them all. Consequently, books are always not attractive for children or younger people.

So, elevation and films are the most suitable to those kinds of people. TV programs and films carry much of information with a lot of animated pictures, full sound and interesting knowledge that make people easy understanding the messages which the program or films need to transmit to their viewers. Unfortunately, the Information In TV and films are not always true. Sometime, TV or films may show the depraved pictures and bad information that affect badly to children and make their thinking getting lost. The people who have been watching TV and films too much can also lead to serious problems.

They may lose their communicating skills and fell difficult when talking to other people. In conclusion, from my own experiences, training the patience in reading books and understanding clearly what is the most suitable TV programs or films to our ages are two keys to gain knowledge easiest and fastest. FIFO Happiness is considered very important in life. Why is it difficult to define? What factors are important in achieving happiness? Happiness is something that we could hardly define. We Just know that when we feel happy, we could be someone who smiles a lot, forgive easily, and help other generously.

Everybody wants to be happy. So, no wonder that many of us try to look for some fun activities to get it. Some activities can also be factors that make us feel happiness. First, love someone. Loving someone could make us feel so happy, especially when the one that we love gives us the same feeling. We could get amazed with the beauty of love until we forget about others. We will only care about the one that we love. Even, we could get kind of power which says there is nothing impossible’. It seems that everything can be achieved when we hold this feeling tightly. Besides, having a hobby as a Job is a great activity to be happy.

Hobby is something that we love to do. Sometimes, we could spend hours when we do it. For example, if someone who loves traveling gets a Job as a tour leader, it will be a greatest factor of his or happiness in life. Someone who could get his or her hobby as a Job can be categorized as lucky ones as there are many other people out there who are trapped in Jobs they don’t wish to get. Another factor that can make someone gets happiness is education. Indeed, education has a great power to make us feel happy as it opens other doors that lead us to achieve other happiness.

We could get a higher education degree which makes our parents proud to us. Plus, we could get chance to get a better Job when we get a higher education degree. The point is that, education can be a good starter to get happiness. In conclusion, I believe that having someone to love, having a hobby as a job, and taking a higher level of education are three factors that can bring someone to feel happy in life. Another essay Throughout human history, people have been looking for happiness. Some of them had believed in fairy tales and others created their reality.

There are some who hold he opinion that happiness is inevitable and very crucial for the existence of people whereas others share a different point of view. In a changing world, In my case the three major subject of being happy is related to money, health and love. The people who argue that happiness is inevitable and very difficult to define have some notable arguments. To begin with, happiness is a subjective situation. The investigations show that, every human describes the meaning of it in a different way. Even though it can be defined in multiple ways, there are some basic needs too such as money, lath and love.

Most people are feeling enjoyable and happy when they found true love, which is very precious in nowadays. In addition to this, most people wants to be rich so that they are working non-stop. Moreover, most frequent answer to the generalize its meaning whit factors but I believe that those are the most notable factors that contribute to people’s happiness. However, there is some various more compelling reason which is proved that for some people happiness doesn’t exist but obligations does. For instance, previously in slaver’s lives they aren’t any clue about peppiness. They were overwhelmed from obligations.

Undoubtedly, if you are overwhelmed, you will feel exhausted and annoyed. Those are the two descriptive words, which are definitely the opposite meaning of happiness and enjoy. Hence, there are some who told that the opinion of being happy is very easy but related various factors whereas others share a different point of view. All in all, in my case even there are thousands ways of being happy the most crucial factors are those I have talked about. Creative artists should always be given freedom to express their own ideas (in words, stricture, music, film) in whichever way they wish.

There should be no government restrictions on what they do. To what extend do you agree or disagree with this statement? There are a lot of people who are very talented and have already been masters in their field. Especially, these days the areas which have very big audience, such as, picture, music, film and etc. Are developing significantly. However, it does not mean that they can express their ideas freely. Of course, there should be imposed limits of government in their activities. Without restriction there may be some problems, since mom art works contain the ideas which are not suitable for children and a government’s laws.

For many years art has been playing the main role in our social life. Creative persons of art are respected in many countries, since they can attract people with their talent and result of their artistic works. However, most of them claim that there should not be restriction by government in their work, for they cannot show all of their particular ideas in this way. Moreover, as a result of this some talented people can leave the country which has strong restriction and work where they can work freely. On the other hand there will be danger of troubling many people if their activities are unlimited.

If we look at the history, even people with great gifts like Leonardo Dad Vinci were not allowed to express any kind of ideas they wish. Also, in most areas artists were not let draw picture of a person, since it was prohibited by religion. At those times, religion helped a country to control people, so the rules of religion had to be obeyed. Even today, majority of films and songs must be checked by special laws of government, since there are some songs which have very unpleasant words. It is the most efficient way to spread bad ideas in films, so most of them influence on behavior of children.

To sum up, I think the ideas of the artists must be limited by law. It is easy get attention of people with these ideas, since they are very popular today. Think are the causes of this? What solutions can you suggest? Today, it is evidently noticed that public awareness regarding students’ behavior has substantially increased in comparison with a recent past. However, bad behavior is believed to be the negative effects of novel society, it could be seen as a valid means of a natural action to treatments of parents and schools.

A chief reason for behaving unbalance as a child could be attributed to the way parents breed their child. Wrong way of raising a child may be rooted in lack of information about effects of a parent’s behavior on his/her children. In this regard it could be beneficial, whether for children or parents, to attend some social classes which are held in educational centers. A contributory factor that effects on inappropriate behavior of a child are weak relationship of her/his parents with each another.

Parents who don’t have a instructive relationship might influence their children unwontedly, especially when they don’t try to compensate their mistakes. Consequently, the relationships might be so ice-cold that child feels lonely and as a result she/he will be aggressive. Parents could register in some psychology classes or for instant, Non-Governmental Organizations (Nooks) association to learn how to manage their relationship with their children and spouse. Last but not least, a reason for bad behaving among students could be born from absence of ability to communicate with their fellows ND partners.

Many of students in teenage time might encounter with this situation in which depression will find new connotation and thus has a gloomy impact on them. School and parents could play a significant role in this part as they are able to teach students and children how to make a friend and assist them to be more social. To recap, parents and schools and overall society, could influence these future decision-makers because new generation is always a result of older generations’ nation. All and all, it is always wise to turn to the experts for more consultation.