Why Study Computer Science? - Essay Example

Computer science Is the discipline that has made this entirely new way of life possible for us as a nation, world, and species. The study of computer science, Like other subjects in a liberal arts education, gives us a broad and deep understanding of the fundamental concepts and principles underlying much of our world. When you go to banks what do you see? When you go to airports, what do you see representatives use to carry out flight reservations? When It Is time to vote for a new president, what is used for the voting process? Your answer is computers. Computers hat make it possible for multifaceted tasks to be done.

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There are several special aspects of computer science that make it an important and useful field of study. For example, Algorithmic Thinking, computer science focuses on the discovery and development of algorithms, or methods of solving problems that can be automated. No matter what field I work in, if I can conceptualize the solution of a problem as an algorithm, that problem can be solved with a computer. Algorithmic thinking that I learn to do In computer science Is a systematic and general-purpose approach to robber solving that cuts across all of the disciplines In science, engineering, and the arts.

When engineering and using artistic abilities, there also comes the idea of creating the “next big thing” for whatever purpose. Designing and Making Things Is also an Interesting component of computer science. Computer science has sometimes been called the “science of the artificial. ” Computer scientists design and construct descriptions (algorithms) of entirely new processes never before encountered in nature. These processes can bring into being an entirely new and Intriguing artificial world. Unlike the real world of artifacts created by artists, craftsmen, and engineers, the world created by computer scientists can be entirely virtual.

By learning how to design and make things in computer science, I will become a better designer and composer of things in any field. Being able to design is a valuable asset to have In the computer science field. It Is a procedure and having a frame of mind that enables you to orchestrate designs with Information architecture. Making it possible for new interfaces and marketable projects to be brought to life. Information Architecture Is also very important to me as an “Inventor. ” The “things” that computer scientists make and manipulate with algorithms are pieces of information.

Many of these “bits” are digitized representations of “real things,” such as photographs, musical tunes, and movies. The computer scientist focuses on how to organize and control the complexity of this information so that it can better represent reality. The skills of organizing and managing the complexity of information that I acquire in computer science are important in almost any area of ark or study. As an author, accountant, business manager, consultant, and designer. There are countless amounts of information needed to create successful projects.

I can take procedures learned through computer science anywhere, In addition to knowledge about technology. This Is what our world and successful, progressive businesses have come to understand. 1 OFF acquire a degree in and say “there, I know it all”. One must continually have to keep up with where technology is going and what is useful and what is not. My personal interests are: AD Graphics and Multimedia, highly scalable network server technology, and general performance engineering and driver level development.

I also have a passion for sports. I am one who wants to connect people to computers. If I can generate products for the NAB, ML, NFG, NCAA etcetera. Then I am not only expanding the effectiveness of computer science, but also developing graphics and enhancing multimedia projects through an industry that is widely viewed upon. The world of sports has been my target since the beginning. As a child I wanted to come an infamous athlete, but as I grew older, I realized that I could involve in such a profession in a different yet effect manner.

Entering by way of the world of technology I am a native of Chicago Illinois, an African American male who for years has been laughed at because I could not freely express my interest in computer science with the likes of friends and family members because of the pre-determined “way of life” that consisted only of sports. I have always wanted to travel around the world to gain knowledge of how technology is growing, and in turn take those from a less privileged environment like the south side of Chicago with me.

My mission is to broaden horizons, make those around me believers. That showing interest in something whether it is science, sports, or writing is never a problem. Having a dream and taking action is all one needs to be whatever it is they see themselves becoming regardless of what people say about you. I was one told by Mark Seersucker “you don’t make many friends, without making a few enemies first. ” I intend to display leadership upon my peers within a field that they too can excel in. Sports and retail ere career areas that I was limited to as a child.

But it started with me telling myself that “l want more. ” Now it is up to me to be that inspiration to those who limit themselves because of poverty and boundaries. With a degree in computer science I plan on being the next “Michael Jordan” Just with a virtual and technical twist. It will not only stand for the many computer science classes that I have taken, but a statement of individuality, and work ethic. It will stand for a future of promising beginnings for many generations after myself.