TelexFree Case Prosecutor Threatened With Death - Essay Example

According to reports in Brazilian media, a prosecutor in the state of Acre has been threatened with death over her role in the TelexFree investigation. At this time the prosecutor is receiving police protection. TelexFree is currently under investigation because it is considered as a Ponzi scheme.TelexFree, which has a U.S. arm in Massachusetts claims to do business in the communications sector, yet is showing typical characteristics of a pyramid scheme. Some people claim that a one time payment of $15,125 to TelexFree results in an income of at least $1,100 a week for a year.

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Death threats are nothing uncommon in the world of Ponzi schemes. Ponzi pimps try to save their asses or suppress information by threatening people who know too much or people who have the power to bring their “beloved” program down or themselves into serious trouble because of defrauding victims.