A Role Playing Simulation On Database Design - Essay Example

Flirtatiousness’s should thus be a separate table, that can be linked with a foreign key (Volunteered) to Volunteers. 3. What would be the problems if we use volunteer names for their IDs? Points: 20 out of 20 Points A. Different people might have the same name. 5 B. Sometimes people change their names. C. There are too many possible names. D. The same name is spelled differently in different languages. 20 4. What would be the problems if we use volunteer names for their IDs? Points: 15 out of 15 A. Social Security numbers are confidential. B.

Social Security numbers are too hard to remember. C. Non US citizens may not have Social Security numbers. 15 5. Attribute Choices Points: 23 out of 23 + 3 Bonus Your choices for the attributes for each table are shown below. The listing of “correct” choices is based on using all the available attributes at this stage of the simulation. Note that some attributes are added or deleted based on further discussion in the simulation. Except for the table’s primary key, which should be the iris attribute in each table, the order of the attributes within a table is not graded.

Volunteers-Your Choices Volunteers-Correct Organizations-Your Choices Organizations-Correct Volunteered Organizational Firestone Lasted Organizational Organizational Gender OrganizationContactPerson Collateral Organizationally Birthrate Organizationally Cellophane Reclassification’s Presumptuousness’s Organizationally Flirtatiousness’s-Your Flirtatiousness’s-Correct choices Valetudinarianism Activity’s VolunteerActivityDateTime Accoutrement You also added the following new attributes.

This simulation looked for text that contained “email” or “e-mail” because of its importance to the Volunteers, table and the Organizations table. If it appeared, you earned bonus points. You also earned bonus points if you properly added the foreign keys Volunteered and Organizational to the Flirtatiousness’s table. Choices Email.