Database Management Systems - Essay Example

Serial Margining is a retail vendor of a small grocery shop. A) Explain how he maintains his sales information. B) Assume, now Serial has expanded his business and is going to start a supermarket. Is it possible to handle purchase and sales information with his prevailing settings? ) What do you suggest to make his dynamic transactions In a ore efficient and reliable way. 2. List places where databases are used. 3. Name existing database types and the reason for use different database types 4. Find 3 major DB vendors in the world. 5. What are the databases developed by Microsoft? Exercise 2: To answer the following queries refer to the tables In the DB’S I database. Activity 01 Retrieve the following details from the Customer table. 1. Display all customer details. 2. Display customer numbers of all the customers. 3.

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List down the first name and last name of all the customers. . Display customer number, city and their states of all the customers. Activity 02 Retrieve the following details from the manufacture table. 1. Retrieve all manufacturer details. Activity 03 Retrieve the following details from the order table. 1. Retrieve all order details.