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Database systems: a practical approach to design, implementation and management (5th deleted) Description: This best-selling text introduces the theory behind databases in a concise yet comprehensive manner, providing database design methodology that can be used by both technical and non-technical readers. The methodology for relational Database Management Systems is presented in simple, step-by-step instructions in conjunction with a realistic worked example using three explicit phases-?conceptual, logical, and physical database design. Background: Introduction to Databases; Database Environment; Database

Architectures and the Web. The Relational Model and Languages: The Relational model; Relational Algebra and Relational Calculus; SQL: Data Manipulation; SQL: Data Definition; Query-By-Example (EJB). Database Analysis and Design: Database System Lifestyle; Database Analysis and the Dermatome Case Study; Entity-Relationship Modeling; Enhanced Entity-Relationship Modeling; Normalization; Advanced Normalization. Methodology: Methodology-?conceptual Database Design; Methodology-?Logical Database Design for Relational Model; Methodology-?physical Database Design for Relational Databases;

Methodology-?Monitoring and Tuning the Operational System. Selected Database Issues: Security and Administration: Professional, Legal, and Ethical Issues: Transaction Management; Query Processing. Distributed Dobbs and Replication: Distributed Dobbs-?Concepts and Design; Distributed Dobbs: Object-oriented Dobbs-?Concepts and Design; Object-oriented Dobbs-?Standards and Languages; Object-Relational Dobbs. Web and Dobbs: Web Technology and Dobbs; Constructed Data and XML. Business Intelligence Technologies: Data Warehousing Concepts; Data Warehousing Design;

OLAP; Data Mining. Appendices: Users’ Requirements Specification for Dermatome Case Study; Other Case Studies; Alternative Data Modeling Notations; Summary of the Database Design Methodology for Relational Databases; Introduction to Pyrrhic-?A Litigate READS. Web Appendices: File Organization and Storage Structures; When Is a DB’S Relational? ; Commercial Dobbs: Access and Oracle; Programmatic SQL; Estimating Disk Space Requirements; Introduction to Object-orientation; Example Web Scripts. This book is ideal for readers interested in database management or database design.

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