Database - Essay Example

The humble beginning of the company was started to grow faster and Erik wants to expand her business and so she decided to put her first branch in Metro Manila. But then in every branch problem were arise because of increasing of paper works and the communication between offices is poor. Erik Deal Cruz feels if she didn’t do anything to prevent the problem, too mistake were being made so she decided to take a database application to help solve the problem.

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Proficient is specialized in reporter management, by taking intermediate role between owners who wish to rent out their furnished property and clients who wanted the furnished property for a fixed period of time. Proficient currently has an estimated of 1000 staff working in 50 branches. Each branch has a specified number and types of staff including the Manager, Supervisor, and Assistants. And the manager is responsible for the daily operation for the daily operation of a branch and each Supervisor supervises a group of staff assigned as Assistants. Each branch office offers a range of properties for rent.

In order to avail the customers want Proficient owner provides the details of the property to show what branch is suit for the customer taste. Once a customer decide what they want, if it is for rent or want it for lease. The company will provide service such as registry and ensure the property. Proficient make sure that the property is rented out for maximum return for both the property owner and of course, Proficient. These service Include Interviewing prospective renters called clients, organizing visits to the property, advertising the property In the local or national newspapers and negotiating the lease.

At this state even If the Propellant has a lots of branch Proficient Is still responsible for all the properties Including the collection of rentals. Clients may request to view one or more properties from the list and after the visit a comment Is normally provide regarding the suitability of the property. Once a client has Identified a suitable property, a member of staff draws up a lease. At the end of a rental period a client may request to continue the rental.