Free Sample: The Making of Anthropometric Database Software paper example for writing essay

The Making of Anthropometric Database Software - Essay Example

The addition of Anthropometry data that occurs almost every year become one of the considerations to have a better system to store data or document it. This research aims to develop and create an application program that can be used to store, provide, and present a database of anthropometry for various age groups, gender, and ethnic groups. This application program is also made for the data processing that able to perform calculation for descriptive statistics, such as mean, standard deviation, and percentile data and also to perform statistics test such as normality est., uniformity test, and adequacy test.

This study consists input and output design, manufacture the application programs, verification and validation of program. The creation of this program is done through four main phase : planning phase, analysis phase, design phase, and testing phase which is based on Software Development and Life Cycle (OSDL). The results from the testing phase of this program (verification and validation) demonstrates that the program can be run in accordance with its function and also the program can perform the calculation correctly.

The trial conducted against 10 of respondents and yield a positive correlation between the objectives value and preferences value. Correlation between objective value with preference vases for ease of calculating descriptive statistics, ease of application programs in conducting the selection limits to be used for calculation, ease of application in conducting statistical test (adequacy of data),